Day 35: System Resources Low

Day 35: System Resources Low

If I were a fighter jet right now, I’d have one of those gauges that Maverick is tapping desperately, hoping that it does not, in fact, read “empty.”

Yeah, that was a Top Gun reference. Deal with it. 🙂

Work. Work. Work. It’s an unrelenting theme, people. But, I’m on target.

Man…it’s hard to think of stuff to write right now, my mind is mush. But I will be goshdarngoddamned if that keeps me from sharing that much in blog-form. 35 straight days of mush! More mush, I say! Oh! I was *this close* to take a nap today, and I didn’t. It was a close call. If I did, I’d probs still be napping right now. True story.

Liz right now is getting a domain name for our wedding. We’ve decided on…we are SO LUCKY it’s still available! So come on down. Get your sexy scares and tube socks. In truth, we already have a wedding domain,…but she’s signing up for a website service that gives us another one…and the above is what we decided. Mmmhmm. We pretty much rock.

Okay…for reals, that’s all I got. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be more inspired. It’s hard to have a lot to talk about when, *literally*, all I did today was stare at my computer and animated lessons about cancer. You know how hard it is to make that shit entertaining? It’s impossible 😛

I’m cozying up in bed and gonna watch an episode of “Voyager.” I wonder how *is* that kooky Delta Quadrant???