Day 44: The Unknown

Day 44: The Unknown

I’ve taken to writing lately without knowing what the title of each post will be. I wish it was some exciting “let the cards fall as they may”-type, rock-and-roll attitude…but it’s not 😛 I actually just don’t know what I’m going to write about when I start.

I guess that’s kind of what today was like. Originally conceived as a day off many moons ago, my slackerism from last week and earlier this week dashed those hopes. I say it so dramatically, but the reality is that it was totally fine. I wanted the impromptu rest a couple days back, so I took it. I can’t remember if I wrote about it, but I think I was actually fighting something. No traces of any bug today, so I think that rest did what it was supposed to.

I played golf with the estimable Nikolai From today, a fellow writing enthusiast. I should say “writing professional,” because that’s what he is. I’d been eyeing this date for a full 18-hole experience, but he was the first to put the kaybash on that notion because of work, and it’s a good thing he did because I, likewise, had to get work done.

So, we played the par-3 down the street. Weddington Golf and Tennis. It’s a mom-and-pop place, privately owned, small, super cheap ($10 for a round), right down the street from where I live, and basically the perfect quick place to go and hang out for an hour or two and smack some tiny balls around. I hadn’t played, literally, in two months…and it showed. I did manage to par three holes, but I still finished the day +11…yeah, there were some triple bogeys in there. And several mulligans. But, that’s the nice thing about playing with Nikolai; neither of us are really uptight about our scores. Sure, we *want* to be good. But we both realize how much of an investment that really means, and both of us are like “meh.”

I then skipped on home and talked to my mom on the way. She was having a rough one. Paperwork still swirling around with the surgery she needs for her sleep apnia, and people dragging their feet when they’re supposed to be helping her. It’s all very frustrating. But, I hopefully was able to make her feel a bit better, and she’d already had a good idea which was to get out of the house, do some yardwork, and enjoy what sounded like a nice, cool, sunny NorCal winter day. I hope that worked for her. She really wasn’t having a good time.

I then ate lunch, and did some apartment stuff. I *should* have immediately started editing work, but I was feeling a little residual stress from the mom convo. Then the Ho came home, and I decided to take a nap. I know what you’re thinking. Nap? Terrible idea. Well…it wasn’t, actually, because after that I suddenly had a ton of energy, and I rocketed through the editing work I needed to get done. Still finished slightly short, as I decided to eat dinner and hang out with my loved ones (Coops and Liz) for the rest of the evening instead of powering through another lesson. But, I already figured out how I’ll make it up tomorrow and Friday. And then…three more days of work. That’s it. It’s so close I can taste it!

2014 brings a new beginning. The focus will *finally* be on figuring out this writing routine. Or, if I’m very very luck, I won’t have to figure that out, because I’ll be interning, assisting, or god forbid, writing in an actual writers’ room. Watching, learning, and contributing. Either way, I’m excited at the prospect. It’s what all this “work obsession” has been for the last couple months. Getting the first work priority settled, ie- that which pays the bills, so that I’m comfortable and secure enough to really blast into the writing. And, I know I can do it. It’s not a great unknown abyss any more. I’ve found consistency with my editing, which pays my bills, and with my writing here on this very blog.

Alas, I feel as if I’m getting ahead of myself here. It’s still not time to “retrospect.” Focus on the present. Which is a snuggly dog at the foot of the bed, and a lovely fiancé next to me with her kindle, squealing in delight because the book she’s reading is getting really good. She literally exclaimed “I can’t believe the person who is helping them!” Sounded like quite the story twist.

Oooh! Which reminds me, I think (sleep be damned), that I’m going to start the *next* book in The Education of Ira…ringworld. And no, it’s not some sort of infection…it’s a classic. So says the internet.


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