Day 64: Happy New Year!

Day 64: Happy New Year!

Home sweet home.

There’s nothing quite like it, is there people?

The Ho and I drove all the way from Humboldt to L.A. today and it only took a little more than 10 hours, including a couple stops for food and pees. I’m impressed. We really made amazing time, which is what happens when there isn’t any traffic. A plus for driving down today as opposed to tomorrow, when everyone is traveling after new years.

We talked a lot, like we always do on car trips. About our trip, highlights, our families, ourselves, goals for the new year. Cooper slept most of the time, lazy bastard. We’d taken Liz’s car this trip, so we were able to switch off the driving duties, and it worked really well. Now, I am exhausted right now, but not nearly as wiped out as I would be had I driven on my own.

Scott is still home for a couple days, which is great because he can help my mom with some of her insurance stuff. We talked over the phone while I was driving and it’s all coming together well for the moment. We’re pretty confident that we’ll satisfy their conditions this time around and she’ll be good to go. We hope. We’re going to double check it all with a lawyer in the family and with a patient advocacy group too, just to be as sure as possible. It’s such a bureaucratic pile of shit, all this insurance stuff. Layers upon layers of it, completely designed to get people so discouraged that they give up and don’t keep demanding to get the coverage they’ve earned through years of paying their premiums. Not going to happen this time.

Anyway, I’m basically just feeling super tired 😛

My clock just clicked over to midnight. Gave the Ho a smackeroo, and we’ve declared 2014 as the Year of the Panda…which is our nickname for each other. Yeah, yeah, barf. I know. You can suck it. Year of the Panda.

Tomorrow: retrospective.

Today’s art is courtesy of John Harris.