Day 72: Grounding

Day 72: Grounding

Today was about getting my feet back under me. It wasn’t quite long enough, but I’ll take it.

Short entry tonight because I want to read for a good long while. Haven’t touched “Ringworld” in like a week and I keep *meaning* to sit down and read for a while, but other things keep coming up 😛

Enjoying it quite a bit so far, I must say.

Met with Joshy poo today and we talked for a couple hours about what we want this year to be for the both of us. Nothing was decided, just that we’d meet again next week to talk again after thinking things through. We have “Made of Clay” so far along, so that may be our logical focus, or perhaps new stuff. I’m not sure. It’s also figuring out how all that will work once I can manage to get a position on a show, since that’s *my* focus. We’ll see how it shakes out. We also decided we should play tennis together on the regular. I hope that happens, all my tennis partners have kind of moved away, save for Sir Justin Giddings, but also has an erratic schedule like I do sometimes, so it’s an off-and-on affair. We’ll see.

Man…I’ve so trained my body to decompress while I write these things, I’m starting to feel really tired. Crazy how the body can respond like that. Take a certain stimuli and just react a certain way. “Oh, blog writing. Must mean we’re sleeping soon.” Silly body, you do what I say when I say it.

Cleaned the office today too, wrote some lists that got some stuff out of my head and onto something physical so I’m not afraid I’ll forget it. Got sucked into a call about a project that may or may not happen, which was a bit stressful just because that kind of unknown isn’t something I can plan for, really. But, I tried to let that feeling pass as quickly as I could. Also had some quiet time interrupted earlier in the day with apartment responsibilities, but again, tried to get through those as quickly as possible.

Despite the kind of up and down of the day, I *do* feel more grounded. This week has not been a write-off, I *do* feel more prepared for next week, and the following weeks to really get some good, important work done. All that’s left is to just keep my head down and get the editing done tomorrow and Friday that I need to, and I’ll be in good shape to continue this “grounding” stuff over the weekend.

I’m off to schedule out my next two days, and then do some reading. For fun. Huzzah 🙂