Day 74: Non-starter

Day 74: Non-starter

Today was a weird day.

Weird in a mostly work-related way. It started great, woke up on time, got to work on time, was cruising along, went to get my haircut, came back, cruised along still and was ahead of schedule in terms of how many minutes I’d finished…and then the queue ran out of work for me.

It’s the first time that’s actually happened, that I wasn’t able to actually snag enough work to complete my work day. It totally threw me off my game. Now, it sounds like a snow-day, doesn’t it. But the downside is that I don’t make my money from salary. Which means, I’ll have to make that time up at some point. Ugh. So, now I’m a full day behind schedule. I mean, it’s not the end of the world. I’ll make it up. But, it just really messed with my mojo.

I can’t even really tell you where my evening went, it was just this blurb of sitting at my computer hitting refresh on the screen to see if another lesson had been posted. One finally did, at a little before 9pm, which is about quitting time for me. I could have worked for a couple hours, but it was already so late, I didn’t. So, I feel guilty about that.

I did balance my checkbook. It’s in better shape than I was afraid it would be, so that’s good. And I spent some time with Liz and the Coops. I downloaded the old Mario Bros. 2 & 3 games onto the Wii for some nostalgic playing time. They were $5 each. Can’t beat that. Felt like a splurge, even though they were so cheap.

But yeah. It all makes me realize, I guess, how married I get to my “routines.” And if something messes them up, it’s really disconcerting. I suppose I can try to work on that, that’s the lesson of today. But, the best way I can think to “work on it” is to just set a new plan for tomorrow and try and rock that out 😛

In other news, the Coops has been EXTRA snuggly lately on the bed. Like, he’s always kinda gone for our feet when he curls up on the bed, but lately, he’s been hunting out my legs, my feet, and my butt areas specifically, really leaning into them for snuggles, and then sleeping there all night. It’s a pretty adorable position complication, and I think I can get used to it.

Okay…total, complete non-sequitur here, and I really mean that. Literally no idea why this just popped into my head, but do you guys remember “The Great Mouse Detective?” Animated movie from the 90s, might have even been straight to video, though I don’t think so. I just think it wasn’t hugely popular. Disney film. Anyway, that movie just popped into my head. Makes me want to try and find it and watch it again, see if it’s any good. I liked it as a kid. Smart mice running around, solving mysteries.

THAT makes me think of “The Rescuers.” Mostly, “The Rescuers Down Under” which came out during peak kid-times for me and my brothers. We loooooved that movie. Would watch it all the time. Our mom was really good back in the day about buying those movies on VHS for us to watch. Lots of movies around then about smart mice. Remember “The Secret of Nymh?” That shit was crraaazzzzyyyy. Telekinesis and shit.

Anyway…this is what you think of late at night, after a weird day 😛

Night y’all!