Day 82: I surrender

Day 82: I surrender

It’s day 3 of feeling “under the weather,” which is to say, I surrender: I’m sick. Uuuuuughhhh.

Liz went out tonight, I was *supposed* to go with her and I didn’t because of the sickness. She just regaled me with the evening and I wish I would have gone with her, but at the same time completely glad I didn’t 😛 It was an 80s/90s club night over in Echo Park where she was meeting up with our friend Gary, and it was crazy packed. And loud. And sweaty. And totally what would have made whatever this little cold is 100% worse.

Really REALLY hoping that I can wake up tomorrow and feel better. I have shit to do.

Being sick always sounds like a wonderful thing when you think about all the rest and free time you’ll get, but the evil punchline to it all is that you’re too busy feeling sick to actually get any rest. Like, I slept most of the day today, and I still have absolutely no energy. I feel wiped out.

I like how I’m saying all this like it’s some sort of revelation 😛 We’ve all been there. We all know it sucks.

I looked at the writing that I’ve done over the past couple days and I was disappointed. The first page and a half I wrote of this short story is freaking awesome. The writing from the past couple days not so much. I blame fatigue. It’s no biggie, it’ll be easy enough to go back and rewrite. I may not even have to do a rewrite, just expand certain sections. It alternates between being extremely tough, and very easy, this writing thing. Like, I’ve forgotten how, and then suddenly, it’s like riding a bike and I can’t ever imagine forgetting how.

Liz came home and she was telling me about some of the music they played, and I thought she said “butthole sun” instead of “black hole sun.” I don’t know if I’ve mentioned on here before how Liz has an amazing talent for getting song lyrics almost right, but hilariously just wrong. This would have been a keeper, “butthole sun,” but alas, she did in fact say it right. That made us think of Butthole Surfers, and we tried to remember what song it was that made them famous. It’s “Pepper” in case you didn’t remember.

I don’t mind the sun sometimes, the images it shows
I can taste you on my lips and smell you in my clothes
Cinnamon and sugar and softly spoken lies
You never know just how you look through other people’s eye

Remember *that* shit? I was in junior high, I think, when this song was on the radio. Mmm, probably, not — I’m thinking more like 5th or 6th grade, actually. Not that I really listened that much to the radio during that time. No, my exposure to the Butthole Surfers was mostly through kids at school and my friends. I remember somebody at school had a folder for their trapperkeeper with the cover of the Butthole Surfers album. Very distinctive, with the pencil jabbed in somebody’s ear.

Young peeps out there, correct me if I’m wrong, but I think music has changed since then. And, I don’t mean the sounds. I mean, it seems like there were WAY more bands around back then. Way more than half the stuff on the radio were these one-hit, one-record bands, and we as kids got really into them. Or maybe there still are these one hit bands these days, sure, but these guys would sell multi-platinum off of their one-hit song. The entire record. They were making a lot of money back then on CDs. Mostly the record companies, sure, but it was big business. Everyone had a CD collection. Or tape collection, if you want to look back a few years earlier. I’d imagine YouTube has pretty much filled that void, now that I think about it, but something about just how institutionalized these bands were back then seems so much more grandiose. They had these massive record labels behind them, even though they were nobodies. And they were SO COOL, these bands. The fact that they were less known and didn’t get much airplay outside of MTV made them even COOLER.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight. I really hope I feel better tomorrow.