Day 100: Centurion

Day 100: Centurion

Congrats to the Incrediblog, we’ve made it to the century mark.

I wish I was able to do a really nice, thoughtful, self-aggrandizing entry tonight on this occasion of adding a new digit, but alas: it’s almost 2 in the morning right now, and I’m beat.

Cleaned today, set up a new bank account, did laundry (including everything on the bed and hooolllyyyy shizzz does that feel amazing, saw Joe do some of the best work I’ve seen him do in “Se llama Christina” out in Pasadena, got pulled over for expired registration (even though I paid it, I guess I didn’t put my sticker on, though), and then worked the Ho’s THREE auditions for tomorrow with her until they were right.

Hence the late hour at which I write this entry.

But we’ve made it, this blog and I, 100 days. It’s not an insignificant achievement. It’s the most consistency I’ve ever had with something of this nature.

Right now, however, is time to soldier on into darkness. Sleep. I’ll catch you cats tomorrow, and have some more words to say 😉

Today’s picture is, of course, the lovely, graceful, refit Enterprise in all her pearl-white glory. My favorite ship (sometimes…often it’s the Enterprise-D that’s my favorite).