Day 101: Highway

Day 101: Highway

Man, last night took more out of me than I’d like to admit. I mean, I’m definitely better…but I’m not “better.” Going to sleep at 2am last night and then waking up today like I had a hangover is not normal. At least, not when there was no drinking involved.

I feel like I’ve recovered at this point, but today was pretty much a write-off. I did some laundry, took care of the coops, but man, that was about it. Finally diving into “Orange is the New Black.” I’ve knocked out three of the 13 episodes so far. It’s a good show. I’m not addicted to it, by any means, but Liz swears by it and I am enjoying it, so I’m in. I’ll finish the thing.

I was also going to kind of side-watch “Seven Psychopaths” while I did laundry and cleaned, and stuff…but the first few minutes of that movie made me be all “hold up. Bear!” And, then I told Liz we definitely needed to sit down and watch it together. We didn’t have time today, but we will. It’s honestly a little overwhelming sometimes, trying to watch all this stuff. And I realize that sounds fucking ridiculous, BUT…there is an actual pressure to watch these things being someone who wants to make this stuff for a living. Seriously. And, believe it or not, I’m not actually one to just sit around and watch TV all the time. I can only do it for a couple hours at a time. Now, my computer…that’s a black hole that sometimes I can’t escape from 😛

The Ho was on “Rake” tonight with Greg Kinnear and she was legitimately fantastic. Some of the best work I’ve seen her do on TV in recent memory. And, she’s always good. I know, I know, you’re thinking I have to say that, and maybe I do. But, it’s nice to be able to actually mean it. I think the show is good too. Apparently, it’s getting beat up a bit by the critics and the ratings, but it’s exactly what I thought it would be, to be honest. It’s good. Greg Kinnear is great. And so was my bear. Very fucking proud of that Ho.

Anywho, tomorrow is a work day. 20 minutes shall be done. I’m also snuggling into bed earlier tonight, it’s not even quite 11 yet, and I should be able to read, and then lights-out by, like, midnight. That’s great, because I also want to get an early start on the day tomorrow, see if I can finish early. Tomorrow is the easiest work day, because after that, I’m home free for the weekend. It’s also the most important, because it’s the last work day of the week, and that’s where I’m either at my goal, or behind it. This week, FINALLY, I will be right on target. Rrreeeeaaallllyyyy digging this work schedule. It’s honestly easy. I can do this week in and week out. Which is great news, because I feel like I can actually put another egg or two in the responsibility basket and get some fucking writing done. I have a goal for February, and it’s to get this pilot idea down on the page. Finishing “The Searcher” would be nice, too, but I think maybe I’ll put that on the plate for March before my mom has her surgery.

That’s right! Yesterday got so fucked blog entry-wise, I didn’t even get to share that my mom has her surgery date scheduled. March 10th. And this time, as opposed to last November, it’s pre-approved.

So yeah…feeling good.

Hey, I also need to eat more vegetables. Yup. Totally out of nowhere. But, I was thinking about how I *finally* made this bag of frozen veggies tonight to eat with my dinner, and they were freaking delicious. I actually like vegetables. Why don’t eat more of them. They have tons of vitamins and minerals that will make me have more energy and feel better. There’s no excuse. It’s going to happen. You heard it here first.

Night bitches! Entry 101 like the freeway I grew up on! Humboldt!

Tonight’s japanese-influenced future highway is courtesy of PinkTentacle.