Day 106: Almost

Day 106: Almost


So, today wasn’t quite as successful as I wanted it to be, work-wise. There is nothing better than that feeling I had exactly one week ago, sitting in bed, with all the work done that needed to be done at that point in the week. Not so today, unfortunately.

It happened that way for a couple reasons: first and foremost, I was just very distractible today. I can’t really pin down exactly why, except for maybe that it was actually the second half of yesterday bleeding into me setting my mind-space the night before going into today. Like, I didn’t set myself a rigid schedule like I usually do before successful work days. The second reason was that the lessons I did today were legitimately harder than normal. The audio was more cumbersome to work with, a lot of starting a stopping, and the concepts are always harder to put across when it’s a scientific lesson, like these ones were.

But…the good news is that I have a plan on how to easily catch up, and I’ve saved the far easier lesson for the catching-up, as opposed to the hard ones, which I did today.

So, you know what? Learning from today’s struggles, I’m going to map out what I want to happen tomorrow. I have to visit the office in the morning, so I want to be up and out of bed early…that means going to bed early (which I also didn’t do last night. maybe THAT was it). Before that happens, I want to walk the Coops and eat. Then, after the office, I do believe I want to give myself a small treat and swing by the driving range for 45 minutes. Then, home, I want to spend…two hours editing for catchup, get those out of the way. So…that should take me up to, like 1pm. Time to lunch it out, then writing for two hours, which brings me to Cooper walking time. Walk the coops, and then have the rest of the evening off to do some reading, watch some stuff with the Ho…and maybe fit in posting the Ringworld review. It’s almost completely written, actually, but it still needs a couple re-writes and going and finding some cool artwork to accompany it.

Okay, that sounds like a great day. I can do that. Then, I want Thursday to be more of a recharge kind of day, with some writing and taking Coops to the vet for a check-up sprinkled in. But, we can worry about that tomorrow.

I’m definitely starting to feel antsy about my new pilot idea. It’s starting to boil in my brain, and I want to get some actual letters on paper tomorrow. Figure some things out. There are just so many different ways to go with an original idea. I want to set some boundaries.

Life continues to be crazy busy with auditions in the household, trying to fill a vacancy in our building, and maintenance stuff. It’s always crazy from February to March/Early April in the Ho-Heinichen household. We’re used to it by this point, and so far, seems like we’ve handled it the best ever.

Oh, and randomly, I got to talk to an old friend from up in Canada today. With voices. It was crazy, and nice to hear from them. Oh, and also, my dad sent me a clip of a song that he’s writing, which I haven’t seen him do in years. So, that was really cool, too. No idea where that came from, but it was cool to know that he’s enjoying himself enough to sit around and write music 😛

Good night, y’all!

Ps- I also just reminded myself for an unknown reason that I want to do an Instagram challenge at some point, ie- taking and posting a picture every day for like a month. Don’t let me forget that I want to that. Maybe for March.

Pps – I’m pretty sure that Liz just confessed to me that she didn’t have dinner tonight. I mean, it sounds like she did, “kinda”…but she’s sitting in bed watching “It’s Judy’s Life” and Benji is cooking, and she’s groaning in hunger. Pretty sure that means she’s starving.

Tonight’s artwork, and it is actually artwork and not a real film set, was created by MalibuB0B. Amazing stuff.