Day 108: Recharged

Day 108: Recharged

Recharged the iPad today, AND the keyboard I use with it.

Riveting stuff, I know. You’re welcome.

Very, very weird day today: woke up much earlier than usual to take the Coops over to the vet, which pretty much took the majority of the morning. Then, was so tired I took a nap after that with the Ho, who also had the day off today…and by that time it was time to eat again, and then walk the Coops, which we also did together. And then, bam. The day was practically over.

See where I’m going here?

No writing done today. None at all.

Bugs me that’s true, but there it is. Really, it’s an opportunity to figure out how to fix it. And, the feeling of failure is tempered somewhat with the certainty that I *will* fix it. I set the goals. That is (usually) the singular most important thing. So…this weekend…it WILL feature two writing sessions of two hours each. Going to happen.

And, for now, I think those writing sessions need to be in the mornings. If I wait until later in the day, when I usually start getting more energy, actually…too much stuff gets in the way of the distraction-free environment this human needs to sit down and write.

Ultimately, I think I might be a late afternoon-to-2-am kind of writer. I’m NOT a morning person by trade. I get my most creative usually around 9 or 10 at night, and if I didn’t have two “day jobs,” I would totally sleep in to 11 every morning, dick around for a while eating some food, reading or watching something, and then finally sit down to put some ink on paper around 3, 4, or 5. Take a break for some food at like 9, and then finish at 1 or 2. That’s my sweet spot, that time frame.

But, I do have obligations right now the don’t allow that to happen. My apartment job requires me to be up at 8 or 9 in the morning the majority of the week days, and my editing simply won’t get done if I don’t have enough sleep from the night before, and have more than half my work done by 1 in the afternoon. It’s just what I’ve found to be true.

So yeah…maybe I’m just making excuses. That’s *entirely* a possibility. But, either way, the solution is the same; this is about habit-forming. And I think the most successful habit I can form right now is to just crank these writing days out as early in the day as possible. As it is, I just get too tired at like 3 or 4 in the afternoon to get going. It’s a recipe for disaster, and no one wants to eat disaster, right? Too bitter.

Coops got his teeth cleaned today, and a rabies booster in preparation for taking him with us to Hawaii. We also thought he would get his left-over baby teeth pulled today, too, but that was not to be. His adult teeth, in fact, never actually came in. They’re still lying dormant (and probably half-baked) up in his jaws, and if they were to pull his puppy teeth, he’d have nothing left in some spots. So, the Vet said to leave them as-is, which honestly Liz and I were happy for. Not only because it saved us, like, $200, but we like our dog’s smile as it is. We get to keep it.

Also watched the most recent episode of “True Detective” today, and holy bejesus there was an incredible stedi-cam sequence in this episode. It was a 7 minute take inside a black projects neighborhood where a stash house grab goes south, and McConaughey’s character has to escape through throngs of black gangsters and the police. It was epic. That show definitely has it’s issues for me; doesn’t write women very well, and has a confusing tone sometimes…but…it is still one of the funnest shows on TV right now. I recommend it. Though, not as highly as say, Hannibal, which gets just about *everything* right.

Anywho, it was definitely a weird day today. I’m so used to having structure on a daily basis, my psyche floundered a bit without it. Especially with the nagging feeling of “you should be working right now.” I hate that.

But, I’m confident I can fix that. And, I have a recent tracking record of doing just so. So, put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Some original shit, coming your way shortly.

I *do* have a section on this blog for original content…perhaps I can work in writing some stuff specifically to self-publish here. That might be fun. Something to think about…

Tonight’s artwork is courtesy of Tredowski over at Deviant Art.