Day 112: Fluff

Day 112: Fluff

Looking right now at the Coops, curled up down by my feet. He’s so fluffy. I love it when his hair is long like this. He always shakes himself out whenever he’s been lying down, or petted, and it poofs up really big and fluffy.

I suppose I’m lamenting his fluff tonight because he’s going in to get his hair cut tomorrow. The thing is, less so nowadays because it mats up, he gets so freaking dirty so fast when his hair is long like this. It’s been insanely dry here in LA this winter, only recently did we finally get like a full night and day of precipitation. But, that was like a week ago, and it’s back to dry-ness-mcgee out here. And when it’s dry, the dust is out to play. And dust loooovveesss Cooper’s paws. It gets bad enough that we forget his legs are, in fact, white and not a dull gray.

So, the Coops goes to the groomer. Less hair means he stays clean for longer. And we’re all about the clean. Plus, he’s *insanely* soft when he comes home, and he stays that way for a good week or so.

But, I will miss the poof…

Extremely solid work day today, even though I didn’t get quite as far as I wanted to…but in hindsight, it was probably impossible. I think I could have done it without the apartment distractions today, maintenance, calling people back about the vacancy we have, etc. BUT…those things were unavoidable. And if I hadn’t done them, they would have just given me anxiety and probably distracted me from my editing work anyway.

So, all that said, I got a shit ton done today regardless. Enough that I’m absolutely confident that I will be able to finish this week on schedule.

I’m definitely going to treat myself to *something* when this month ends and I’ve finished my goals. The writing has to go with that as well, of course, but as long as I can keep my energy up, which I was able to do today despite the cough of doom, then I’ll be able to hit that goal as well.

The cough. Ya, talked about it with my mom today, and that certainly didn’t make me feel less nervous about it. “Walking Pneumonia” is what she cautioned me about. I *definitely* don’t want to be going down that road. But, I’m not so sure that’s what it is. I’ve literally only had these chest congestion symptoms for the past three days, and that was after feeling completely fine for well over a week. Almost two weeks, I think. So…no need to go to defcon 1…yet. I hope it just goes away on its own. It was decidedly worse today, however. The worst the cough has been throughout all of this. Went straight to the codine cough syrup tonight.

Sometimes I write these passages and shake my head, HOW OLD AM I??? Writing about my cough. Jesus. I guess I’m preparing for my retirement entries. Old man Ira and his cough.

I just flipped myself off and made dubstep music noises in my head to make me feel younger. And it totally worked.