Day 120: Almost...there...

Day 120: Almost…there…

Hey y’all…so this is three nights in a row that I’ll be doing the abbreviated blog posting. It hardly counts, I know, but it is for a good reason. I’ve gotten a lot done work-wise in the past three days. Not as much as I would have liked, per se, but still a lot done.

Today, I had the fortune of having all my work disappear when my computer overheated and shut itself down whilst I was out taking the Coops for a walk.

Yup. My entire day’s work up to that point. But, what about autosave, you would so keenly inquire. Well, savvy friend, the program *tried* to restore the autosave, but when it came up, all those backup files were blank. Nothing in them.

It sounds like I would have been cursing and smashing things, and on any other given day, that may have been the case. But, today, I’m so freaking tired that I didn’t even have the energy to protest in such animated fashion. I kind of just put my chin on my chest in a deflated kind of way. As in, “of course this happens today.”

So…I just caught back up to where I was back at 5:00pm, and now I’m pushing on ahead for another hour or so to finish what I’d started. At the end of the day, it’s not the worst thing ever. It does probably mean one extra full day of work, as opposed to what would have been just a few hours, but whatever. I’m going to finish. I’m in the gravy zone at this point; everything I’m finishing is money that goes straight to the savings account (as opposed to bills or taxes) and I can smell victory, *despite* having been sick for like almost half of this entire month. AND a vacancy.

I can smell it, guys. I’m going to get what I want.

So yeah, that’s all for now. I’m looking forward to doing a more elongated post tomorrow, which is going to be a full day off. I can’t fucking wait!

Oh! And yeah: the whole computer overheating thing. Not good. For like the last six months, every couple weeks or so, my extra heat fan has been coming on randomly, sometimes right when the computer starts up, so I had just assumed that the fan itself was acting. Now, I don’t think so. There’s definitely a fan somewhere that’s *not* turning on properly, which is why the heavy duty fan has to intervene. I’ll schedule a time within the next week or two to bring my baby in and get her fixed.

Tonight’s title and image are, obviously, from Star Wars. The first one. And I don’t mean prequel. #explosion