Day 123: The Day Before

Day 123: The Day Before

Tomorrow, the 30-day challenge commences. Actually, it’s going to be 31 days, since March has 31 days. Whatever, you know what I mean.

Oh holy balls I am tired right now. I’m definitely not back to 100%.

Day started off great, I really felt like my feet were back on the ground, getting back into my normal groove. By the time it was late afternoon, I lost my focus. Granted, there was a dentist appointment in the middle there that halted momentum, but you know what, guys? I don’t sweat it any more. It happens. I’m still recuperating from being sick just a week ago.

That, and things at the apartment building have been legitimately bananas. Like, crazy super busy. And yet, I’m a little more than two full days of editing work away from ending the month on target. That feels good. Kind of falling apart in the second half of today doesn’t feel as good, but to that I shrug my shoulders.

I’ve noticed that I lose steam later on if I don’t stop enough to eat food, so that is going to be mission number one tomorrow. Keep on top of the food intake. It’s crucial. And water. I got dehydrated today. Which is hysterical if you live in California, because it was *pouring* water from the heavens all day today across this great state.

That’s about all I got right now. I have a headache, which is a little worrisome, but I think there’s a good chance it’s just due to not drinking enough water. The fact that it’s coming with fatigue is also worrisome…but what can I do except just try and listen to what my body is telling me, and it’s telling me that I’m tired. That’s it.

Blech blog entry tonight. Sorry. I am legitimately excited and resolved to start my writing quest tomorrow. I’m sure this first session is going to feel a mite bit like a shit storm and a waste of time, but if I do feel that way, I just need to look back at this entry and remember this: it’s going to feel rough and weird at first, but just stick with it. It’s all about slogging through long enough to catch a groove. And the groove will come.

Night suckas. Tonight’s artwork is courtesy of John Berkey.