Day 130: Freaky Friday

Day 130: Freaky Friday

Today was a weird day. I’d worked four 12 hours days in a row and I guess I kinda hit a wall 😛

Didn’t get much work done today, but I did get to host a couple out of town guests for breakfast, which is always fun. These two folks were down from Humboldt, and I rarely get to see them down here. In fact, we traced the last time they’d been down here to NYE of 2008/09. Crazy.

I did get my writing hour done, although it was another research day. Which is totally valid, especially given that I really want this spec script to be something that could actually sell, even if in the meantime I’m really using it as a resume, of sorts. So, something that actually stands by itself as a complete TV show. I figure I have to go that far with it, right? Otherwise, what’s the freaking point?

So yeah, I read about the inspiration for pretty much all the profiling/serial killer tracker books and movies for the past 40 years: a man by the name of John E. Douglas. Douglas is a bit of a legend; he invented the modern-day method of profiling serial killers. The whole concept of profiling them, in fact. That by getting “inside their head,” one could more effective track and capture them. So yeah…he’s like a freaking godfather. And, I’m going to read a couple of his books.

I also got a cool new little gadget today, a Jawbone Up24, which is like a smart wristwatch, minus the watch. Lots of people use it as a step-tracker, literally tracking how many steps you take every day, but I’m much more excited about the silent alerts, sleep tracking, and diet tracking functions that it has (the diet stuff is part of the app that’s designed to work with it). A lot of people have had issues with these things just stopping working after only a few months, so we’ll see how that goes, but in the meantime, I’m interested to try it out. See if it’s something I’ll actually use and enjoy. And if I don’t, I can take it back within 30 days. Oh, and I got it for 50% off. Yeah…that’s really the only freaking reason I got it 😛

Took a nap today, which was a little fitful and in and out, but it was still nice to do. Tomorrow is another work day before I head up to the Bay Area Sunday. Then, mom’s surgery on Monday, take her home Tuesday, and pretty much planning to work that whole week. Bringing the iMac with me. Will try and catch up. I’m essentially a *week* behind, which is a bit daunting. I’m stressed out about it, to be honest, but here I am. Nothing I can do about it now. It really means adding an extra work day a week for the rest of the month, which isn’t too much crazy town as long as I stick with it. So, that’s the goal.

Anywho, good night. Glad to have finished the 7th day of the writing challenge pretty easily. It can, and will be, a game changer, this writing every single day. I’m excited about it.


Tonight’s sci fi screen shot is courtesy of The History of Things to Come.