Day 150: Mind Explosion

Day 150: Mind Explosion

Dude! 150 days…mind explosion.

I do enjoy reminiscing about these little milestones. I remember starting this thing back in October of last year, right before Halloween. It was the culmination of a lot of soul searching and struggles. Last year, around this time was rough. I’d set goals, mostly just of the “making money” kind, and I was failing consistently. I’m very proud to say that things are very different this year. At least on the “making money” front. I had a wonderful work day today. Wonderful in that I got my shit done, and in time to take a load off and skip through the A’s preseason game up in the Bay against the Giants.

What I’m failing at currently is writing. And, that’s okay. I mean, it’s not, it’s not really okay, but it’s acceptable at the moment in the sense that I’m going to fix it. I’m deciding and pledging right here and now, tonight, that the hour-a-day challenge begins again on Monday. After this latest three-day stretch of editing. I think that’s actually the 1st of April, isn’t it? Pretty sure it is. I’m totally cool with that. Seems symmetrical.

So, yes, I definitely have goals I set for myself that I continue to fall short of. That’s pretty much a theme with me. It’s what I do. I recognize that. But, I’m in a VASTLY different place today then I was a year ago…or even 150 days ago when I decided to start this blog. I’m telling you, and if there is anyone actually reading these words other than myself: give it a try. You have no idea the catharsis that sitting down for 30 minutes every night at the end of a day can bring you until you try it. I had no idea. It’s why I’m still here every night, on my iPad, or in the case of tonight, on my computer, just talking about whatever’s on my mind. A daily check-in to see your day for what it was. And, if you’re anything like me, it’s a reminder that you’re not actually a lazy failure, that you ARE actually making progress, and that you CAN find the motivation to get more done tomorrow. Set goals. Make confessions. Talk about exciting things.

My favorite blogs are definitely when I have something cool that’s on my mind. But, it’s not always like that, and yet the blog goes on. Every day. And it’s mine. It’s for me.

So yeah…I’m very glad to be here, and if you’re reading, I’m glad you’re here too. Life is good.

Tomorrow, it’s more of the same: work. Tonight, it’s time for Zzzzz’s. It’s a pleasure to say I will see you tomorrow.