Day 163: Interim

Day 163: Interim

I have a bit of a feeling of being stuck in-between at the moment. My routine has kind of broken down since I saw the opportunity with work to surge ahead, and I took it at the expense of writing every day. And then, I’d normally have another day off tomorrow, but this time I don’t because I switched up the schedule to accommodate a workshop this weekend.

In the larger scope, I’m just forced to be more work-obsessed than I’d like because of events pretty much beyond my control, read taking care of mom, and all the stressors that came along with that. It wasn’t so much that I *didn’t* have a choice in the matter, of course I did…but who’s not going to choose to support their family? I mean, what’s the point if you’re not there for your family?

But, I feel that fallout of that today. The disjointedness.

It was a feeling that was much more persistent last year, that’s for sure. The last two years, in fact. It is a much-diminished feeling this year, certainly…but yet, I still am seeking that “familiar routine” that is the rule, rather than the exception.

In the end, it’s a feeling without too much volume behind it. I’ve (finally) found the fortitude to achieve consistency despite these days. Writing will happen again tomorrow, and the day after that. The editing continues to get done, and I’ve mapped out financially where I can get in the next coming months.

Oh, and I did and paid my taxes today. Savings are all gone, but I had enough to pay them, which I feel very grateful for. It could have been disaster had I not been setting money aside. It also gave me the benefit of now knowing what I need to pay quarterly this year, so that my bill isn’t nearly so big next time around. This one huge lump sum deal won’t ever happen again.

I did get some extra rest today, I needed it. So, that’s good. A nice two hour lay-down in the bed with the Coops and the Ho by my side. The day just went so quickly, though. I ate, then went to do my taxes, and all the sudden it was 9:00 at night.

We watched some Hannibal, which really ratcheted up this last episode…very exciting. Liz seems to think that it’s going to get cancelled, but I’m not so sure. I think it’s possible, given that the ratings for the show have never been too high, but it seems to pair nicely with Grimm and I’d bet it has similar ratings…and Grimm has been on for like three or four seasons now. We’ll see. This season definitely hasn’t been as good as the first, but it’s still pretty baller. Has much more of an “American Horror Story” scatter-brain-edness which I’m not stricly-speaking a fan of, but like I said, this last episode turned up the heat in a delicious way, and they’ve consistently laid out exciting story-lines.

12:30 now. Time for bed. See you guys on the flip side after a solid day of work and imagination.

Tonight’s geometric retro-ness is from Mr. Div.