Day 172: Pages!

Day 172: Pages!

Pages are done!

Editing is (mostly) done!

I is the tireds 😛

Today was a struggle, as all these third-days are. But, in the end, I did my shit. I was THIS close to not getting my 6 pages written today, but I just did them. And, I’m happier with them today than I was yesterday 😛 I still, seriously, will be doing rewrites on every one of these scenes before showing them to anyone. I literally am thinking of what the rewrites need to be as soon as I finish writing the scenes, but whatever. I’m collecting all those in a word document, and I’ll just go through and do what I need to do.

I can also already tell that this pilot is going to be WAY TOO LONG. Like, it could easily be TWO episodes…which isn’t the end of the world, honestly. I’d far, far rather have too much material and have to choose from my babies than not have enough stuff to write about.

So yeah, that’s what I was *just* doing just now. I cranked em out, these 6 pages. In an hour. Booyakasha!

And I’m about ready to pass the fuck out. Teeth and face cleaning first. But then passing-the-fuck-outing shall commence.

Two days off, yes please.

And then I get to talk about these crazy three-day work binges a mere two more times. Just two more! I’m so close to being done! I may literally jump for joy when I get there, because I’m going to be real. As far behind as I was going into the last couple weeks of March, I secretly had major, major doubts as to whether or not I could pull this off.

That was my day today. Working and writing. I listened to the A’s pummel the Houston Astros, which is always fun. Although tonight I felt some genuine pangs of sympathy for them. They just aren’t a good baseball team. At least pitching-wise. We scored 7 runs of their starter in the first inning, on one out. He got ONE OUT. And he gave up 7 runs. Ouch.

I also decided today that I think I want to listen to more classical music. I was talking with the Ho about it, and while I did grow up with my mom listening to it quite often when I was young, she always had NPR on in the car or at home…I’ve never really listened since then. I don’t know anything about classical music. Who sounds like what. What’s good to listen to when. So, yeah. That’s my new thing.

Beethoven, for example – he’s pretty fucking dramatic. It’s a little intense to listen to whilst working. Or, his 5th symphony is, anyway.

So, we’ll see what I like. I’d love to get to the point where I’ve listening to stuff enough to be able to hear a piece of music, and know who it is by the style. Like, what makes Mozart “Mozart?” You know?

That’s all for tonight. Piece out to the Coopy’s asleep at my feet.

Such a good dog, that Coops.