Day 175: Short One

Day 175: Short One

Short one tonight since it’s late and I have a long day of work ahead of my tomorrow just to say that I got my work done today. Pages for the pilot, and editing.

I am behind by about 6 minutes right now from last week, but I’m confident I can make up a decent chunk of that tomorrow, which is when I’m expecting several “easy” lessons to get posted to the work pool. We’ll see. If not, that’s fine too, I have other stuff I can work on.

Helped the Ho today with some stuff, and me and the Coops were buds. A’s lost to the Rangers in a tight one, which pisses me off because we had so many chances to add on to our lead before it disappeared.

Also, right before I came to bed, “Batman and Robin” was on the TV…you know, the one with Clooney and directed by Schumacher. I’ve never seen it, but I even remember as a pre- or early-teen seeing the trailers and marketing for that movie and thinking it looked like it was going to be terrible. Well, the five minutes of it I saw pretty much definitively corroborated that assumption. Pure horribleness. The amount of shittiness that was packed into such a short amount of time was rather impressive. Dialogue, make-up, costumes, effects, sets…it looked like fucking community theatre.

So, yeah. That’s all for tonight 😛

See you tomorrow!