Day 177: The Million Year Sleep

Day 177: The Million Year Sleep

That’s what I’m looking forward to tonight. Sleeping for an epoch.

I think I actually feel asleep tonight while doing a voice-over…as in my head actually pitched forward and I almost hit my mic, and I was still talking. That takes talent. Or, exhaustion. One or the other. So, I had to finish up that leg of work and then close up shop and get some food. It means I didn’t finish everything I set out to today, but when the body speaks, dear readers, we must listen, mustn’t we?

Coops was my buddy today. I took him on both his walks, and we spent a lot of quality time together all day. Some days, we just have extra cuddle times together, he and I, and today was one of those days. He’s such an affectionate dog, and he’s so good with me working. He’s gotten so used to it, he knows my timing, when I take breaks, when it’s time to eat, or walk…I just love having him around. I’ll need a five minute respite from the staring at a computer screen, and there he is, on his back with belly to the ceiling underneath my chair, and I’ll give him a rub and he’ll lean into me to tell me that he loves me. Or, he’ll be feeling energetic and run out into the living room to find the Ho, and we’ll chase him around for a couple minutes.

Anyone who works from home should absolutely, 100%, hands down have a dog.

I had a day today where I was pretty damn focused. It was only at the end that I stumbled, for reasons I now know were fatigue. It was a weird fatigue, it was entirely physical. My mind felt very sharp, even going into the home stretch around 10pm. I really thought I was going to make it and be all caught up. As it is, I’ll have to put in some time tomorrow and Friday to get all the way caught up, but that’s okay. I’ve resolved that I’m not doing anything else. I need to recover. Sleep, read, watch stuff on the DVR with Liz…that’s it. Not even writing.


I’m looking forward to it. It will be glorious. And then, I’ll jump onto my very last 3-day work binge ready to go.

Found some cool music today, courtesy of the Ho. Started with an artist named Emile Sande, and ended with another artist named Naughty Boy, whom those of you in the “know” might recognize. He has a song “La La La” that’s blowing up right now. Especially the music video, which is STUNNING. I mean, really really REALLY fucking cool. You should definitely check it out. It just struck me right in the feels in terms of how heartfelt, and genuine, and charming, and creative, and just SPOT ON in terms of story-telling it was. Like, some Guillermo del Toro level amounts of quirky style mixed with gravitas. Super, super impressed and inspired. What a cool way to end the day. I thank Liz for that.

We haven’t been able to hang out much, the two of us. On one hand, me stuck at home has meant we’re in each other’s proximity a ton, which is awesome. So, it’s not like I feel like I haven’t seen her. But, me working sometimes 6 days in a week has meant that we haven’t been able to HANG together like we like to. Go get food, or watch stuff on TV, or take naps together. I’m very much looking forward to all of that once I’m back on my “regular” schedule in about a week’s time.

So yeah…rest. I need to get two days of it. And then, finish this thing. Finish my script, finish my work catch-up…both of which have been 6 weeks in the making. I feel very satisfied to be here right now, head feeling like it might float off my shoulders, and writing the words that I’m “almost there.”

We keep moving forward. I’ll finish this, and then keep moving. Onto the next.

It feels good.

Tonight’s artwork articulates exactly how my mind feels right now, and it’s courtesy of Faiyaz Jafri.

ps – Oh, and the Ho and I also commiserated over Billy on the Street, which is the brainchild of the comedian Billy Eichner, and it’s freaking hysterical. It’s all the pop-culture on-the-street gameshow television packed into one ridiculous character, and his celebrity sidekicks. Like the time he went around asking people if they’d fuck Paul Rudd for a dollar…with Paul Rudd. It’s amazing. And, really because of the character that Billy is playing; a wonderful mixture of frightening, completely nuts, excited, charming, and satirical. Genius, guys.