Day 180: Sprint

Day 180: Sprint

No, not the telecommunications company (anyone remember when those were referred to as Telecomm companies?)…I mean the act of running. Very quickly. As hard as you can towards the finish line. That’s what I’m entering this very minute.

I got a lot done today. But, not quite enough. I had loftier goals. Impossible goals, one might say, but nonetheless I’m disappointed. And resolute. To get this shit buried in the ground tomorrow, and the day after that, and be fucking DONE with this editing work catch-up bullshit. Sorry for the cursing. I’m listening to some pretty intense music at the moment, and I’m a pushover like that 😛

I also have the added pressure of a ticking clock. There are only so many lessons in the queue right now, 7 to be precise, and there will be fewer tomorrow…and I need at least two videos, most likely 3 to keep me with enough work through monday. The problem being, I have a fuckload of re-edits clogging up my queue. Shake my head. I’m pretty sure I can nab what I need, however. I just have to power through and git ‘er done. I’m shutting down for the evening because I want a good night’s sleep. Deal is that I have to get up on time, however. We’ll see. Tomorrow just needs to be a badass day, that’s all there is to it.

AHhhhh…it’s going to feel so freaking good to have this catch-up schedule finished with. Although that won’t actually be until a week from tomorrow, for reals. But, at the very least, I will be finishing the month of April on TIME and starting May on TIME. It won’t be till the first full week of May that I’m able to breathe a sigh of relief and settle into an easier schedule. It’s a week from tomorrow, too, by the way, that I want to have my rough draft done. I know I keep saying “it will only take me another week” to finish it, but this time I’m going to set an actual date.

MAY 5th. Cinco de Mayo.

It’s going to be the deadline. The end-all-be-all for rough draftage. Then we’ll see about when I can have a second draft done. Two weeks? With a normal work schedule, the posibilties are endless. Oh man, I can’t wait. Two days on, two days off, one day back on, and then another two days off. It will be glorious. None of this 3-days-on bullshit. It’s exhausting, as we’ve detailed ad nauseum.

You may completely disagree with me, in fact likely might, but I am glad that I’ve chronicled these last seven to eight weeks of my life. Hell, this is 180 days…we’re basically at the 6 months mark, short a few days, but still, about there. But these last seven to eight weeks have definitely been a trip, since as a whole, they’ve documented the most productive I’ve been in two, maybe three years. From taking care of my mom up in the Bay, through to getting 480 minutes of editing work done, and 50 pages written between my two writing projects…the latter of those two coming in the past 6 weeks. It’s a monumental achievement for me, and it would be so very, very easy to write it off as still not a success because I haven’t finished quite yet, and I’m still not hired onto a TV show. But, I can’t do that. It’s all written down on this blog, over and over again, how hard I’ve worked week in and week out to get myself further and further.

Right now, on blog 180, I am further in my life than I’ve ever been.

I have marathoned (not sure that’s a real past-tense verb, but whatevs) for the past 7 weeks. I’m in week 8. The sprint is here. I’m gonna sprint the shit out of that sprint.

But, first…

Bed time.

See you guys tomorrow 😉

ps – tonight’s artwork was going to be something as insufferably insufferable as this blog post…but then I stumbled across this book cover…yes it is real. How do I not own this amazing piece of literature, I cannot say. It seems to be a massive oversight. It’s got Neelix on the cover! What’s not to love?!