Day 194: Les Tireds

Day 194: Les Tireds

It’s been quite a while since a sleepy times blog, eh?

I beat. Smoked. Cooked. All the above.

Got the editing done. Didn’t have time for writing. It’s currently 4 minutes to midnight 😛

Very happy with the amount of editing I got done. I made up like 7 or 8 extra minutes over the last three days. Damn good. Means that I can absolutely be caught up in a week or so, WITHOUT needing to work an extra day. I am sooooo looking forward to having a less-crazy schedule. And, it’s literally right around the corner. I do work another two days after having just one off, but it’ll freaking be worth it.

Off tomorrow. More fun stuff bloggy-wise tomorrow. Right now, some quick food and sleepies.