Day 195: Of Brooms and Boob Tubes

Day 195: Of Brooms and Boob Tubes

My day started off today with a bang. I can’t write about it, unfortunately, because it involves some things that will be a surprise in a few months. No, nothing to do with babies. I’m not even sure if that even crossed your mind when I wrote “surprise,” and I’m not entirely sure why it crossed mine, but let there be no bones about it: it’s not in the near future 😛

No, other surprises 🙂

So yeah, did that, got to hang with our friend Abbey for some lunch, then came home and watched the A’s absolutely crush the Nationals for an MLB-leading 4th series sweep on this young season. We’ve also been swept ourselves once. Let me tell you, it’s much more fun being on the sweep-ing side than the swept-ing side.

My team, the A’s, are pretty good this year. We really have yet to put it all together for a long stretch, with our starting pitching, offense, defense, and bullpen all hitting stride at the same time, BUT, we still have the most wins of any team in the AL despite the ups and downs. We’ve also seen our share of injuries so far, and still find ways to win. And that combo, ladies and gentlemen, IS the mark of a good team. For example, we whalloped the Nats this series putting up 24 runs in 3 games, and all without our lead-off man and “engine” of the offense, Coco Crisp. Guys like Derek Norris and Brandon Moss are really stepping up their game at the plate. If only we could get Reddick anywhere near the offensive player he was in 2012…and Cespedes nudged a little further towards the star numbers he’s definitely capable of…we’d legitimately have an offense with a chance to be the best in baseball. As it is, we’re top 5, which is good enough with our pitching. At the very least, as it is, I genuinely feel that we have an offense that can go toe-to-toe with an offense like the Angels and beat them. And, it IS the Angels this year that I think will give us the biggest challenge for the division, NOT the Rangers.

I know, I know, this kind of stuff probably belongs over on the “Green Collar Baseball” blog side of things, but I obviously haven’t been writing for that on the regular. It really was just bad timing because of the last two months getting so messed up work-wise, and me scrambling for so long to catch up. I’m definitely not giving up on the idea, why not keep it around? But, it is on the back-burner, and that’s totally okay with me.

Then, the Ho and I took an epic afternoon nap, which if you read about my days off at all, you’ll know are crrruuuccialll for my sanity 😛 It was awesome. Coops joined in, and it was perfect timing for him, too, because he’d just eaten and gone out to the bathroom. So he immediately snugged on up for the afternoon Zzzz’s.

After that, I want shopping with our ATV shopping cart that Liz got from Costco. It’s amazing. The wheels on it have treads on them and everything, like it’s got the extra traction should you ever need to take it off-road.

Guys, it makes me *ridiculously* happy that I can walk to the grocery store, get a week’s worth of groceries, and cart them home. And, our grocery store is legit. Like, amazingly bougie. It’s brand new, three stories, has a “Kosher Experience” section for all the Jewish peeps in the area, and it’s beautiful. Seriously, it’s called a Ralph’s “Fresh Fare” and is the largest (and currently newest) one they’ve ever built. It’s dope. And I can walk to it with my cart, and walk home.

Then, finally, it was Game of Thrones time over at Abbey’s house with wonderfully funny and entertaining peeps. I *almost* won the tittie game this week. I guessed that we’d see five titties, and we saw six. So close! And, this week’s episode was particularly good. Seriously, it’s probably the best show on television.

I know I’ve made that statement a few times, but it really breaks down like this over the last few years for me. In 2011, it was Homeland. That was Homeland’s first season, and it was incredible. The show took a hit in its second season, and then a nose-dive in its third. In 2012, it was either Boardwalk Empire or Game of Thrones. Boardwalk was boring in its first season, much improved in its second, and fucking amazing in its third season, which was 2012. Game of Thrones was also reaalllyyy good that year, with lots of scenes between Aria and Tywin Lannister (spelling?). Last year, it was either Game of Thrones or Hannibal. Seriously, the first season of Hannibal was pretty much fucking perfect.

That’s the thing with TV shows. Even the best of them have their ups and downs. This year, 2014, its still young, but Game of Thrones is looking pretty fucking good. We’ll see.

Now, I do say this all with the caveat that I didn’t get into Mad Men or Breaking Bad early enough to be watching those season over the past couple years, so I’m sure they, and others, would have been on the list somewhere. But, I can say with dead certainty that those shows I listed WERE some of the best TV being made at the time. I called, in fact, Homeland winning the Emmy for Best Drama in 2011. So, you know, I’m obviously a genius who knows everything about everything.

Its now midnight, and I think my ego has completely ruined this blog entry. I’m so sorry, and good night. I hope you had a wonderful Sunday 😉