Day 203: Da Workout

Day 203: Da Workout

So sore right now, as I sit here in bed. Today was really Day 1 of the workout routine. Last week was really just kind of a let’s-see-how-this-goes sort of thing, if only because I then didn’t work out again that week. This week, I’m starting right, on the right day, and determined to keep up the sched.

And, holy jesus, I can honestly say that I’ve never worked out this hard before. Granted, I am super super out of shape right now. My stamina is absolute shit. But, I have never pushed myself this hard before in a workout. Like, literally feeling like I’m at complete failure, and then going further. Much, much further. I didn’t have an almost-puke moment this time, but I did have several “holy crap, I think I’m going to pass out” moments…which I just waited through for a minute or so, and then kept on going. It was intense. Apparently, this program is one that Olympians train with, so yeah…that’s what I’ve bitten off.

I’m excited about it. Does it really REALLY suck right now? Fuck yes. My whole body hurts. I feel like I’m going to die when I’m doing the workouts. BUT…If I do this for the next 90 days, I will be in the best shape of my life, and that boys and girls sounds freaking fantastic to me. The past two years have taught me nothing if not that getting what you want requires hard HARD work.

Speaking of hard work, I *did* get my editing done today, but what I did *not* get done was my writing for an hour. Not acceptable. I didn’t set the specific time that I wanted to get it done, and therefore it got pushed to the side somewhat. Granted, there was a decent amount of extracirriculars today with the building and errands, including the homecoming of the Ho which is like mana from heaven. But, at the end of the day, I wasted a good hour or so when I’d sat down to edit, rather than being focused, and that right there could have been my writing. So, it’s still my fault.

Tomorrow will have TWO HOURS of writing. I swear to my bloggity blog, if nothing else, that will happen tomorrow. Which is to say, my goal for tomorrow will be to rest, edit, work out, AND get my writing done. All four items. It sounds impossible, but I say nay. It is possible, I just have to schedule it.

Which is what I’m off to do now. It’s only 11:30, and I’m sitting in bed, ready to rest. I can’t tell you how happy that makes me at the moment. I felt happy today, too, getting my work done and not having so much of it that it was overwhelming. I just kept at a steady pace. Got up on time. Worked out. Came home and ate, sat down to work on time, got the work done even though it was interrupted several times…got to take a nap and hang out with the Ho and get the scoop on her Vegas weekend, walked the Coops, had a freaking amazing dinner cooked by Liz courtesy of Blue Apron (they’re legit, look them up), and then watched Game of Thrones. I mean…what an awesome day, right? The writing fail does bug me, but it’s in the past now. I’ll fix it tomorrow. Right now, I’m happy.

And sore. So, so sore.