Day 208: Musty

Day 208: Musty

I smelled musty today.

Yup, you read that right. It’s no holds barred tonight on the ol’ Incrediblog. Musty, as in, I needed to bathe myself. Nothing rank, I hope, just the result of working three 16 hours days in a row.

So, I took a shower! And I now sit here all shiny and new, reveling in the pillowy softness of my sheets and…pillow. Coops at my feet. Still mostly-charged iPad on my lap, and enjoying the feeling of “shit got done.”

Very productive three day span over here. Very productive indeed. Got my writing done all three days, my editing work, and then some. That spree yesterday really helped me a lot. Huge chunk out of the behind-ness. I would have caught up regardless, because that’s how I’ve been rolling these days, but it’s now a lot less stressful.

Got to listen to the A’s game whilst working my first 3-hour timeslot today. We lost, unfortunately, but I do always enjoy when the A’s are on the east coast and I have work that day. Sitting, listening to the game.

Spotify carried me through the rest of the day. Liz was out pretty much all day today, so it was me and the Coops. He was especially rambunctious today for some reason, and yet every time I went to go find what naught things he was up to in the other room, he was always just playing around with one of his own toys. Which, of course, makes him all that much more endearing.

I have the ending all plotted out now for my pilot. It’s jam-mother-fucking-packed, guys. Seriously, maybe too packed. I don’t think so, though. All the major events pretty much in place, and I’m finally really getting a handle on all the details and characterizations I need to go back and fill in. It’s becoming clear that in order to write (good) television, you need all this. Especially at first. This way, in the absence of history that builds up as you go along, you still have things for everyone to actually talk about. Each scene is about something.

In other bodily news, I have another zit inside my nose, and that side of my nose is all red again. What the fuck, right? Seriously, this has never happened before. I don’t know what the hell is going on. I might scour the internet for what might be happening, because it’s getting old pretty fast.

See, aren’t you glad you decided to read an entry tonight, of all nights? Arm pit smells, nose pimples, next I’ll be talking about how my brown rice and chicken dinner is giving me the farts. Well, did it? You’ll never know!

Tomorrow is an “off” day from the editing. The writing shall continue. In fact, I’m toying with the idea of giving myself a couple hours to write instead of just the one. I’m really zeroing in on finishing this first draft, it’s one that could honestly (possibly) be finished now in just a couple hours. We’ll see. No pressure. If I write for just an hour, it’s still a job well done.

My mind is already moving on to how to attack my novel, which is my next project. I’m honestly thinking about trying this whole 3 pages a day for 100 days idea. I didn’t get it from anywhere. In fact, the only “write a novel” thing I could find was some 3-day challenge in Canada (that’s bananas) and a 30-day challenge…although on the latter, I couldn’t figure out if it was a 30-day challenge to write a novel outline, or the whole thing. Regardless, I like my idea better. Especially given that I just can’t commit to writing for hours upon hours for any stretch of time longer than a day, or two, tops. I have mouths to feed!

Okay, that’s all for tonight. Baseball at 10am. Thinking I’ll get up for that and have a nice long breakfast…and maybe a nap afterwards…mmmmmmm.