Day 214: G Status

Day 214: G Status

Like a boss.

This past week has been so fucking satisfying, I can’t even tell you.

I am mere moments away from finishing the month 100% completely on target with my, admittedly, lofty work goals. I’m standing on the edge of the last, final, exciting act of my pilot, and feeling stronger (finally!) from doing my workouts as opposed to just plain gassed.

It’s a good feeling, guys. And, the feeling is mostly gratitude.

I’m grateful to be here, doing what I’m doing. Grateful for my schooling. Grateful for my parents for how they raised me. Grateful to have a wonderful dog snuggling at my feet and being my shadow and grateful to have an amazing fiancé who fills my life with laughter and love. Grateful to be healthy. Grateful to have the home that I do, and the work that I do. And, grateful to be holding onto the tenacity and consistency that had so eluded my grasp for so long. Grateful to Dallas Travers for teaching me about doing less more often.

Just, grateful.

And tired. Very, very tired 😛

I got my pages done today. Five and a half in an hour. G Status.

I got my editing done today. 24.5 finished minutes. G Status.

Coops and I took a walk and listened to the A’s pound the Angels for a win. G Status.

I’m so excited to finish this script. Unless this last freight train of a sequence and the aftermath end up being significantly longer than I think they will, I’m looking at finishing on Sunday. It’s definitely do-able.

Man, I’m also feeling really grateful for having taken the plodding, little bits at a time kind of progression that I did on this script, because I have thought of SO MANY ideas as I’ve gone along. Like, for instance, just before I sat down to write this entry, I was brushing my teeth, and like 4 legit scenes came to mind, plus an adjustment to a character, that I had to sit down and put in my word document before I could write this thing. The only thing that could go wrong is if I forgot an idea 😛 That would suck. But…even that’s okay, really, because the best ideas always seem to stick with me. So, if I forgot something, it’s probably because it wasn’t a stroke of genius anyway.

The rewrite is really exciting. It’s also crazy intimidating at the same time. I see in my head a giant leap forward in the execution of this story. I just hope that the words I choose to put on the page end up matching my imagination. And that it all condenses. Big time. It’s straight up going to be around 100 pages when I finish that last scene. That means I need to cut/condense 40 pages. Or more. But, that’s good shit right there. 40% of what I’ve written, AT LEAST, is bullshit. If not more. So yeah…cutting and condensing, finding the sharpest, most concise way to write each scene…that’s exciting.

Anyway…tonight was a blog entry about writing. I can always tell when I’m on a good roll, because I write about what I’m writing. There are literally scenes from this thing running wild through my head right now.

Cooper just sighed, and it’s almost 1am. That means it’s time to stop jabbering and go to sleep.

I get to sleep in tomorrow. Nothing crazy, maybe 9/9:30…but it will feel oh, so sweet. Then, that last 7 minutes of editing to finish, working out, writing, and hanging out with the Ho and the Coops. That sounds fucking fantastic.

Love my life.