Day 216: Start Your Engines

Day 216: Start Your Engines

It’s been another month.

Freaking crazy to me that it’s already June. 2014 is flying by much the same as 2012 and 2013 did. It’s also a bit different, honestly. Doing these blogs really puts the time into perspective. Logging what each day brought, what was done, what was thought about, what was felt.

Today, we got up fairly early (for a Sunday) and went to meet a friend for some wedding stuff. Then, we came home and walked to Ralph’s because I wanted to eat hot dogs for lunch and watch some of the game. And, I mean hot dogs…like the real kind, with the crunchy casing on the outside that everyone thinks is so disgusting, except when they’re at the ball park and they’re thinking “holy shit, this hot dog is so good.” Yeah…those hot dogs. And, I found them, finally, at the Ralph’s. And, I needed buns for them. And, Liz needed to get stuff for making Unsullied meat balls for GoT night at Abbeys.

So, we did that, then came home and watched some of the A’s v Angels game, which was imminently entertaining, given that we beat them and swept the 3-game series. It’s always a little more special when we beat the Angels. They’ve been rivals for the last 12 years, or so, and living down here in LA with several insufferable Angel fans, it’s just extra special to beat them. And, a sweep, no less. It’s still so early in the season, but it is very nice to be keeping the other teams in the AL West at bay, given that we’re bound to lose a few games to them at some point, and we don’t want that to mean losing our foothold on first place.

Then, when the game looked fairly in-hand, Liz and I took a snooze for a bit. It was too short, but also glorious. We got up, I finished some laundry, and then we took Coops down to Zoom Room for weekly agility, which actually turned into a semi-private tricks class. We got Coops on a skateboard, which he took to pretty quickly, to be honest, and then we spent a lot longer teaching him to ring a bell when we tell him “Service Please!” Ya…it was as unbelievably freaking cute as it sounds.

Then it was back home, I got some mop-up editing stuff done, and a little bit of writing (nothing close to what I was hoping to, but, that happens), and then I did my workout for an hour. After that, it was a very quick shower, and dressing in PJs to go over to Abbey’s for Game of Thrones. Good group of peeps over there, and Liz’s meatballs were a hit (obviously, bc they were delicious). I guessed 8 titties tonight, and there were 6 that were in focus. So, I was close, but not perfect. We also decided tonight that there needs to be a tittie trophy that can pass amongst the champion each week. Oh! And we also talked about the state of movies these days, a la the subject of my blog last night. We all agreed, movies are in trouble these days.

Coops got to come with us, like he always does, and then we came home. Liz is having some peeps over tomorrow morning, so we did some cleaning up. I did a few things on the computer, and sorted checks for rent tomorrow morning…and now here we are. Sitting in bed after what really was a very lovely day, and me feeling like I’m tired, but ready for a new week, and a new month. I’m really looking forward to starting my work on time, and enjoying my days off this week as real days off. Not behind, trying to catch up, but days off from editing. Just working out and writing. It’s going to be awesome.

That’s the state of the Heinichen. I hope you all had a great weekend, and catch you tomorrow!