Day 221: This and That

Day 221: This and That

I have no idea what I’m going to write about today 😛

Had a random thought whilst petting my dog about the question of why we have ribs to cover our heart and lungs, but we don’t have ribs covering our bottom halves which are totally full of organs just as important. There were several theories thrown about by many peeps, including breathing and mobility, but the consensus early on seems to be that it likely has to do with mammals and pregnancy. We quite simply can’t grow babies in wombs surrounded by bones.

So, that was random. And fun 🙂

I also rented our vacant unit today that hadn’t even become vacant yet. Fastest it’s ever happened, which of course, makes me nervous about it. I don’t think it was just impulsiveness this time around, you know, people jumping into a decision and then backtracking. I don’t think so. It was someone who’d been eyeing our building for a couple years. But, any time it happens so quickly, it definitely gives me pause because I’ve had that backfire several times.

Work was a little scattered early on because of that, BUT, I rallied and got all my shit done. I do have about 45 minutes of error-checking to do on the narrations I recorded, but I was really tired and decided to take a shower instead of powering through. I’ve done that before and it hasn’t come back to bite me, so I’m honestly not too cut up about it. I needed a shower 😛

Lots of emoticons tonight!

I started reading my script tonight, which I’ll continue tomorrow. Did some nice thinking about stuff in the shower, IDing in my mind what I think are some problem areas already, both character and plot-wise. It’s a jigsaw puzzle, you know? It only makes a pretty picture if all the pieces fit together perfectly, and you don’t have any extra ones. That’s tough. Really tough. I definitely need more experience polishing scripts into top shape. But, that’s exactly why I’m writing this thing, right?

I have to say, it’s rather liberating, too, to think that I’ll be moving on, at least with the every day work, from this script in just a few weeks to start on another new project. Like, I can’t sit around a dwell and tweak this thing forever. I’m moving on. Learning from a new story. I don’t know…that just really appeals to me right now as I sit here.

The A’s played a really exciting game tonight as I was in the home stretch on my work for the day. They’re out in Baltimore right now, playing against the O’s for the first time this year. It was back and forth, and then the A’s tied it late in the 8th on a Cespedes double, and then squeaked by in extra innings, including TWO plays at the plate in the 10th, to push the winning run across in the 11th. Liz was hanging out with Kristen in the living room watching the new season of Orange is the New Black (which I’m considering trying to finish Season 1 of tomorrow and Sunday…), and she said I was loud.

I know I was, too 🙂

It was an exciting game! I listened to most of it, obviously, because I was working, but I watched the end and ate some Pizza that the girls were having.

Yeah…that was pretty much my day. It’s routine. I’m really digging it. And having more time off. Man…it’s really nice. That 6/7-week stretch a while ago of 3-on 2-off was exhausting. This schedule now, by comparison, is freaking awesome.

That was the other thing that happened today. I’ve hit an all-time high today in how much money is in my savings account. More than ever in my entire life. I got a nice big paycheck earlier in the week, and the transfer went through today. It’s something I’m enormously proud of, in really that it’s just a reflection of the turn-around that I’ve completed so far in my life.

It’s really freaking hard, but it can be done my friends. It can be done. I look at where I was a year ago, and the difference is amazing to me.

So, that’s where we end tonight. With some perspective for me. Life is good. And, I’ll see you tomorrow. Lazy, lazy tomorrow.