Day 222: First Things First

Day 222: First Things First

I’m the realest.

It’s an Iggy Azalea lyric the Ho and I were just singing in bed. Ya, we do that sometimes.

We just have a lovely dinner with a couple who we really don’t know practically at all. It was someone Liz went to school with back in the day, and they’d recently reconnected. Always a risk, you know, doing the blind couple date. But, it honestly went great. We had plenty to talk about. Food was good (the Ho made it, and I assisted). We played records in the background. It was great.

I was rreeaaallllyyyy tired today. I took a nap IN MY CLOTHES for like two hours. I needed to get my workout in before we were preparing for our dinner, and I was honestly not thinking it was going to happen. But, I just went in and did it, and it finally woke me up for the day. It was a P90x workout that I’d done last week and really struggled with, and I definitely struggled with it today, for sure, but it was much better than last week. Tomorrow, I get to do it again 😛

The A’s lost today, which surprised me. On paper, this was a game for us to win. And it was close early on, but then our starting pitching surprisingly struggled, and we got too far behind to come back. Tomorrow, the rubber match, which is to say, it’s a three-game series, each team has won a game so far, so the game tomorrow determines who wins the series. Hoping we can pull it out. The Orioles, for some reason, always seem to play us tough. Even when they’re not that good.

I also watched some Orange is the New Black today, although not as much as I thought I was going to. The nap took the wind out of that sail. I also got to take Coops on his nighttime walk, which was nice. Tomorrow is definitely a busier day, which I’m always not really a fan of going in, but by the end is just fine.

It never ceases to amaze me when I meet other writers that I’m (usually) the only one I know who is seeking working in television as opposed to trying to write/sell a feature. Not at all that I have anything against that. Indeed, my next project was originally conceived as a feature script. I’m just surprised that there isn’t more a of an equal split on who’s trying to work in films, and who’s trying to work in television. Movies continue to be sexier to writers, I suppose. But, not for me. TV. Writers get so much more respect there…and the volume of work honestly appeals to me as well. Yes, while doing it, I’m sure it’s going to be a fucking nightmare to keep up with…but, man. 10,000 hours is how you become a master, right? Well, doing all that writing all the time, how can you possibly not get better at what you do?

Coops is looking at me like, dude, it’s treat and sleep time. And, he’s right. Those are all the thoughts and updates for today. I bid you all adieu. Till tomorrow!