Day 236: A slog

Day 236: A slog

One of those weird days today…I got stuff done. Two whole hours of writing, in fact, and a huge dent in my outline. Not enough of editing, which never fails to stress me out. And then some other stuff, like exercising, walking the dog, and running a couple errands.

It’s making tomorrow need to be a full day of editing, unfortunately. But, then again, I’m used to working three days in a row, so it won’t be anything too crazy. And, I’m still set up then to finish the month on schedule.

It’s a constant battle to keep up on the editing. It’s why I talk about it so much on this blog. I only make as much money as work I actually finish, you know? And, when you’re working something that isn’t your dream job and you make your own hours…it’s tough 😛

I just took a 15 minute side-bar to say hi to the Ho and her mom who just came home. Coops had left the bedroom to to the living room (view of the front door) literally two or three minutes before they walked in through the door. I’d say it was a coincidence, except that he’s done that regularly for months now whenever the Ho is coming home. He’s either smelling them from a mile away, or smelling that I know they’re almost home. Pretty impressive stuff.

This is going to be a short one tonight, sorry guys. There was more to talk about today (A’s winning in walk-off fashion against the BoSox, hello!), but it’s already midnight, and I do want to get up on time tomorrow morning and have a good day of work.

See you tomorrow kiddies 😉