Day 243: Date Night

Day 243: Date Night

The Ho and I went to see Ira Glass’s show “Three Acts, Two Dancers, One Radio Host” tonight at Royce Hall on the UCLA campus and it was AMAZING. Seriously so fucking fucking good that I just wrote the F-word twice in a row. Liz and I were talking about it after the show, and it’s literally the best piece of theater that either of us has seen in we can’t even remember how long.

I think it was a one-weekend-only event, pretty sure of that in fact, otherwise I’d tell you to all run to go see it.

It was music, and dancing, and radio-ish, and This American Life, and funny and poignant, and personal. Most of all, though, it was wonderfully done story-telling. Very moving. It made me realize, really in the clearest terms ever, how precisely genius Ira Glass actually is at telling stories.


The guy is a genius.

Afterwards, both Liz and I realized we were starving and I had a odd craving for Pit Fire pizza, which is over in NoHo by our old hoodie, so we went there and probably had the best freaking meal I’ve ate in weeks. Or maybe ever. It was that delicious.

Seriously, just a wonderful date night with the woman I’m going to marry in a few weeks. Tons to talk about, a legitimately fantastic show, spontaneous food out at a fantastic freaking restaurant. It was a pretty magical night. And, we’ve been together almost 10 years now. Still having magical nights. I feel pretty damn lucky to have that. For reals. It’s easy to take advantage of that, and I surely do more often than I should, but not tonight. Tonight, I feel very, very grateful.

Today was a work day, highly productive, in fact. I will be finishing my editing on time. I also had a fantastic freaking workout. I really am starting to see some gains in what I’m able to do and how hard I can push myself, and that is really, really satisfying. Oh, and the A’s eeked out another win today, so that’s always nice.

Tomorrow, it’s more of the same. Work, writing, Cooper, the Ho…you know. Living the dream.