Day 248: Little bit of this...

Day 248: Little bit of this…

Today was a little scatterbrained, for sure. It was supposed to be a normal work day since I’m taking tomorrow off. But, it was a lot of other work, and extra-things.

And, that’s okay. I got a decent amount done. And what I didn’t, I’ll spread out over the next couple days. I’m thinking about running off a bunch of work days in a row at some point this month so I can take, like, a full week off. Just for kicks. Take it easy, give myself a little mini vacay.

Not from the writing, mind you. But from the editing work. Even the apartment work. Clear out the schedule so I can just be a little more free form and spontaneous with my time.

We’ll see. I’m right on target right now, so it’s entirely possible for me to get ahead like that. What a turnaround that would be, huh?

I’m debating in my head how best to start my day tomorrow. Getting work done before we head out to a 4th of July birthday party, or get in a workout. I didn’t do that today, and the previous normal workout day was ruined by Jury duty…I’m not sure. I think I want to get editing work done. We’ll see.

Pool party starts at noon. It’ll be fun, for sure. I can’t even remember the last time I actually went and did something on the 4th. Liz has done stuff like every year since the past forever, but not I. I was usually working it seems to me. Not tomorrow. Well…I mean, I *will* be working in some form before or after, but you know what I mean. Not working all day. The joys of setting my own hours!

Writing for the novel continues at a nice, easy pace. Three pages a day is kind of magical, in that you get the daily opportunity to do what a lot of writers say is the best way to ensure that you are able to get off and running right at the start of each day: ending in the middle of an idea. Never finish at the end of something when you’re wrapping up a writing session, always finish in the middle of something. That way it’s calling to you to come back. Well…three pages a day is perfect for that. I don’t get the chance to finish anything with that few pages. But if I do this for 100 days…boom. That’s a freaking novel. Written.

Jumping in to this project is definitely aided by the fact that I spent a couple months two summers ago hammering out a pretty freaking specific outline for this story with a friend of mine. That’s always a huge hurdle, getting the outline finished. Still working on that for draft 2 of the pilot. So yeah…that’s going to happen this weekend, for sure. Work on that second draft. I want to go over some of it with the Ho, get a second pair of eyes on it before I commit to writing it. The story is finally fleshed out enough to start that. And man…I have to cut it down SO MUCH. I’ve essentially decided that it’s going to be 65 pages. I think that’s the limit that I can stretch it to before getting the note from somebody “hey dude, your pilot script is too long”…even if it is conceived as a more premium cable piece. I don’t know…can’t really tell what anyone is going to say about it until it’s out there, right?

That’s all for tonight. It’s late. The Ho and I stayed up so we could watch So You Think You Can Dance, brilliant show, and the top 20 this year are freaking fantastic. Pretty much top to bottom.

Good night!