Day 262: Crunch

Day 262: Crunch

Worked out this morning. I’m now lying in bed pretty freaking sore. The gooood news is, however, that after a really rough week last week, I’m back this week. Back in black. Workin it. Matt, my workout partner, always has us doing something new and horrible. I told him today, I do love the variety. It’s always ridiculous, with ridiculous names to match, but it’s always interesting and challenging. And, it’s working. I am feeling stronger, and I think I’ve done some filling out and some definition at the same time. I should probably weigh myself and take pictures, but honestly, I’ve never been very consistent with that kind of stuff. Whatever. I feel pretty good. I think that’s what matters most to me at the end of the day.

Just got my writing done. The writing tonight I’m not really sure if it was any good. But, whatever. It’s done. I’ve stayed on task. I actually didn’t do my writing yesterday, but after today, I’m only one page behind where I should be, so I can make that up with a single extra page tomorrow. I’m also realizing I’m not really sure how long this novel is going to actually be. It’s my first, and so I’m shooting myself in the foot if it’s anything over 200,000 words. That’s about 300 pages, maybe 340. Publishers, I’m gathering, won’t be interested in anything over that. And, that’s my fear. Going over. Taking too long to get to through each section of the story.

But…whatever. There’s really not much I can do about that now. What I’m writing now is important to setting up the story. The status quo, and how it’s all about to change. Motivations on why our characters decide to leave the status quo. It’s all very important stuff. It sets up everything that follows.

I just had to go back and add some stuff in that I’d intended to during the first go-round, but forgot once I was actually in the trenches and writing it. That happens a lot, more than I’d like, but at this point it’s to be expected. I can feel myself warming up, little by little. Writing this novel isn’t exactly an exercise…it is absolutely 100% something that I’d like to get actually published…but at the same time, it is an exercise. An exercise in me finding my “voice,” and my “style,” and discipline to keep writing. It’s working. So far, it’s definitely working. It’s going to help my TV writing, for sure. You have to map everything out when you’re writing a novel, all the thoughts, the beats, the surroundings, the dialogue…everything is actually written. You don’t do that with a screenplay, you don’t write a word for all of it…but it all still has to be there. So yeah…this is proving to be very helpful and very satisfying.

That’s all I got for tonight. I’m feeling the tireds, and it’s late. Time for sleep. Tomorrow is a work day!