Day 263: Time is on my side

Day 263: Time is on my side

Tiiiiiiiiiiime is on my side, yes it is! Oh, tiiiiiiiiiime is on my side, yes it is!

That song is floating through my head tonight, and I can’t really tell you why, except for the fact that I was just lying down into bed thinking about how different my perception of time is now that I’m sitting down and journaling every night…and how it’s also completely the same. It’s a weird thing; time is definitely still flying by as fast as ever…but then, in the same breath, I can tell you what I was doing at pretty much any moment during this entire year, not only from just looking them up on the blog here, but also just because the act of writing them all down has engrained those moments into my memory.

So, yeah…I have that song stuck in my head, which also makes me think about that Denzel Washington movie where he gets the guy the death by injection, but as he’s killed, the demon he was possessed with transfers over to a guard, and the demon goes after Denzel, and then he has to get the demon out into the woods so it has nobody to transfer to and when the person its possessing dies, the demon dies. Anyway, you can tell who the demon is possessing because they suddenly start singing that song. Man, what was the name of that movie…? I can’t remember. Not “Deliverance” (obviously)…but something along those lines…

Anyway, good work day today. Got a ton done, and just like I knew I would be, I’m almost all caught up now for the month. Was also talking to the Ho about it whilst we brushed our teethies, but I’ve been doing my writing hour first thing in the work day, and that has been working for me like gangbusters. Did it today and cranked some pages out very quickly. Fixed some stuff…hoping that I can get a COUPLE hours of writing in tomorrow, which would be really great. Get some extra work done and catch up a little on my getting behind from the first two weeks. I’ll still be short, unless I manage to really crank out the pages uber fast, but I’ll be within striking distance of getting right. IE- I should be at 63 pages on Sunday, and I’ll probably be more likely around 55ish. We’ll see how it goes. I honestly think that what I’ve written so far is mostly drivel…but there are some good ideas in there, and I’m veeeerrryyy slowly starting to feel like my “style” is developing into something more usable. It’s a process.

The A’s won tonight in walk-off fashion; Josh Donaldson getting his second half started off right with a three-run homer in the bottom of the 9th to save what was looking like a very frustrating loss after the All-Star break. It was against the Orioles, who are no slouch as a team. Granted, they’re no powerhouse elite team, but still, then can snag you for a few losses, for sure. Samardzija pitched for us, his second game at the Coliseum, and he honestly didn’t look great. His command was off, and he grooved two pitches to a team that hits a lot of homeruns, and Homerun they did, twice. But, our offense bailed him out, as did our bullpen. Got Shark off the hook for a tough loss. He still needs to pitch better in my estimation — the dude was supposed to be ace-quality, and so far, he’s just been above average. His first game was pretty impressive. But not these last two, and in order to get “ace” status, you need to be DOMINANT against a good-hitting line-up…that remains to be seen. That’s what we need in the post-season, and I’d like to see that he can step up like that. Would make me feel a lot better about things.

K…that’s all the ranting for tonight. Tomorrow is Saturday, which means I’ll sleep in a little bit, half hour probs, then get some writing and catch-up editing done, then it’s down to the OC with the Ho for some wedding stuff…then hopefully a lazy night in. We’ll see how it goes, and you’d better believe it will be reported-on right here.


PS – the Denzel movie is called “Fallen,” and the demon, of course, is one of the fallen angels 😉