Day 270: Turn Down For What?

Day 270: Turn Down For What?

Yup. Reference tonight to a Lil Jon song, and you want to know why? Because the Ho and I just partied with him. For reals.

Liz got us into an industry Comicon Party in the gaslamp quarter up the street from Comicon. And Lil John was there along with Hulk Hogan. It was bananas. And fun. And free drinks.

Liz is sitting across the table from me in our hotel room right now eating some drunk food (it’s always the best food, isn’t it?) from the taqueria down the street, and we’re debating whether or not we’re actually going to get up early enough in the AM to partake of the free breakfast. We’ve resolved that we are, indeed, going to get up in time. I’ll report back tomorrow.

There was near-disaster when we arrived in San Diego to our hotel and they didn’t have our reservation…but we got the sorted with the help of the fine folks at Comicon Housing. Then we toured the vendor floor for a little bit and met the head designer for Sanrio (Hello Kitty) with the Ho.

Dinner was lackluster with good drinks, and then we trekked back down to the convention center for a panel on some writing stuff. Finally checked into our hotel, and then headed out to the afore-mentioned party without actually knowing if we’d get in or not. But, Liz’s connections were superior indeed and we got in *immediately*. Free drinks, free food, free candy…and then Lil Jon and Hulk Hogan turned up and we couldn’t turn anything down for any what.

It was a fun night. We had a blast. And we miss our Coops.

See you tomorrow!