Day 280: Ahhhhhh

Day 280: Ahhhhhh

I really do love my routine, when I get a day I can take full advantage of it. I really do.

Today was *slightly* off from a full-blown normal routine because I had apartment stuff to get done early on, and that got me started working a good hour later than I normally do…but from that point on, it was a very well-measured, focused day. Even with the various distractions here and there that are (usually) the normal part of a day.

I hit my goal editing-wise, the only thing that was a disappointment was that because of the morning, and a couple other things, I wasn’t able to wrap the editing work up until 11pm…I’d been hoping to finish around an hour earlier so that I could tackle some writing, but it was not meant to be. But, it’s totally fine. I don’t have morning apartment stuff tomorrow, I can start on time and do my writing hour right up front – 6 pages is imminently do-able, which will put me right back on track.

I love this 3 pages thing…I’m going to use it for everything. Maybe even see if I can up the goal over time, 4 pages, 5 pages, 6 pages…I think 6 – 8 pages is actually what TV writers need to crank out on the regular. Average time for a script is 7 – 10 days, if I’m remembering what I’ve read. Very do-able, with the right outline.

That’s really the thing with this novel, so far. I have the world crystal clear in my head for the first half, it just flows right out the fingertips. Past that, there’s definitely some work to be done, which will probably happen right after the wedding. But, right now, riding the wave. It’s really nice.

I just stopped for a minute to workshop and idea that’s been germinating in my head for a day or three about my pilot script, something that really was underscored by the Children of Tendu podcast that I was listening to about main characters. It roughly goes like this: the identities and relationship between your main characters should be clear enough that you could trap them in an elevator and have endless hours of what they would talk about. The example they used was Mulder and Scully in the X-Files…which is absolutely true, because they’d argue for hours upon hours about aliens and the paranormal and conspiracies – Mulder believing, Scully not. That’s good character building. And, I had an idea along the same lines for my pilot. Liz liked it. I think I’ll give it a pass 🙂

That’s all for tonight folks, it’s 12:30 and time for bed. See you tomorrow!