Day 283: A Small Step for Ira

Day 283: A Small Step for Ira

A giant leap for Irakind…

Ya, I’m not really sure what that means. Except that today was a good day. Another step forward. Perhaps not a giant leap, like Neil Armstrong took landing on the freaking MOON…but, you know, good stuff nonetheless.

Got a ton more editing done today, more than I thought I would have, and also got a legit ton of writing done too. Am I *completely* caught up? Nope. But allllmmmooosstttt. Like, five pages behind. FIVE PAGES. If I can rock through my writing in the morning tomorrow, a good full, focused hour, I will be completely caught up. Three days later than I’d declared earlier this week…but caught up nonetheless. Which is all that matter, guys.

Liz is heading out of town tomorrow to shoot in New York, and my mom is coming INTO town for some fashion shopping. It’s not exactly the way that we planned, but what can you do? That’s life. It’ll be nice to have her in town, but I will definitely miss the Ho. She keeps me warm and snuggled at night, what can I say? I know, you just barked in your mouth, what can I say. Also, yes, that was supposed to say *barfed*…I saw it, and decided not to change it because it was funny. You’re welcome for the chuckles.

The A’s won today on a complete game shutout from Jon Lester. They threw up a stat that it’s the 4th of his career which gave me a double-take. Only the 4th??? Jesus! I didn’t realize that CGSO were getting so rare. I mean, Lester has TWO no-hitters on his resume, so that means there was only one other time beyond those and tonight in his ENTIRE CAREER where he went all the through to the 27th out and had shut out the opposition. Crazy.

In any event, the Angels also lost tonight to the Dodgers…which means out lead in the AL West is back up to a more respectable 3 games. Thank you LORD. Just a couple days ago, we were an Angels win away from being TIED for first place. It would have been the first time that was the case since late April. In case you’re counting, April is the FIRST month of the baseball season.

That’s about it for tonight guys. I had some thoughts as I was walking the Coops today about positive thinking, and just the revelation about how much I limit myself when I’m thinking about what might happen in the future…but I’ll save that for another day. It’s not a new revelation, but it does always seem to land whenever it comes back around.

Positive thinking: it really does make a big difference in how the world looks.

Night, guys. I’m cruising. I’ll see you tomorrow.