Day 294: Here and there

Day 294: Here and there

I feel like today was a bit scattered…although it really wasn’t at all. I’m sorry. I know that doesn’t make any sense, and yet here I am feeling that way.

Today was actually one of the more regimented days I’ve had in a while. I scheduled everything out because I had quite a list of what I needed to get done. And those things to get done were all over the place, which is probably why I feel a little helter-skelter.

I went downtown to drop my suit off at the tailor, and then bought a dress shirt, which also needed tailoring, so back to the tailor I went. Then, I went to get my glasses adjusted, something that’s been very very necessary now for about the past year. They feel so much better. It was a bit of an adventure to get them adjusted – I went to The Standard in downtown since I knew Warby Parker has shops in all The Standard locations…and they DID have a presence there, it just wasn’t a REAL store, and they couldn’t do any adjustments, which is all I needed. It was just a dinky little kiosk. Oops.

So, I basically went back the way I’d come to the other side of downtown to where that had a full shop inside of an art gallery-type place. Kind of like when they were at Confederacy in Silver Lake. I thought they’d stopped doing those kind of shops, but I’m guessing they kept this particular store-within-a-store location because their Standard location isn’t actually a full storefront.

Anyway, long story long, I was able to get what I needed there and my glasses feel sooooooo much better. I then sped home to eat some food, did my writing, and finished up the editing that I needed to do, and then it was time to either take a nap or go play a quick round of golf. I opted for the latter, given that I *literally* haven’t played in about two months. The round went fine. I’m still bollocks at chipping and my iron play off the turf has honestly taken a complete nosedive…but my driving is WORLDS better now, seriously, and my putting wasn’t terrible. If I’d been taking it slow and keeping track, I bet I’d have been able to pull off a bogey round, which is most satisfying indeed.

Why the sudden “must go play golf?” Well, you see, I know for fact that I’ll be hitting the courses, the FULL ones, this weekend for my bachelor party, and I’d rather not embarrass myself, if you know what I mean. I’d also really love to snag a real golf outfit, but I honestly don’t know if I’m going to find the time. We’ll see.

Then, it was home to walk the Coops, and eat some dinner…and it was 8:30 at night and I’d, like, done everything that I needed to do. I could just sit down for a few hours and zone out. Which was exactly what I did. I needed it. It’s been completely non-stop for the past two weeks now, and it was really nice to have a couple hours to sit and enjoy the fact that I’d DONE what needed to be done for that day.

I watched some more of The Walking Dead. This is last season, been sitting on our DVR all year long and I’m finally tearing through it and giving Liz the cliff notes. We both ran out of steam on the show a little bit, and I definitely find it most enjoyable watching it as I am right now. Just tearing through the episodes one after another.

I just have to say, again, how nice it feels to be on top of my pages. Tomorrow, I actually plan to get some EXTRA done, given that I’ll miss time writing over the weekend. I’ll then do the same thing Wednesday and Thursday, and that will take care of me for the days that I’ll be gone. Writing 6 pages in an hour, as I talked about last night, is imminently doable.

In other news, Coops is the cutest dog in the world. I can hear him sighing over on his pillow, likely because Liz is home now and out in the dining room working on some wedding stuff and he wants her to come to bed.

K…eyes are drooping. It’s time for bed. The A’s play tomorrow, and hopefully it’s the start of a turn-around from the slump we’ve been in for the past week+. We’ll see.

Night bitches!