Day 296: The Gathering

Day 296: The Gathering

Not like Magic: The Gathering…did you guys know that is still a thing? I know, I was surprised as you probably are. People are still buying those cards. And playing them, I’d assume. I bet people get together on Friday nights and have their group Magic night and play each other like D&D.

I remember when I was a teenager, we went on this trip up to Canada, and one of the places we stopped along the way was one of my Dad’s old friend’s house, and he had a son who was into D&D. He rounded me and my brothers up that night and played…or at least tried to, anyway. I remember not really getting it, and being unimpressed. It was really, and still is, the role of the dungeon master that really kind of befuddled me. I mean, if he has the power to determine what’s happening, what’s the freaking point? I’m not deciding, nor is fate, really, is it? Perhaps there’s much more to it than that, and I’m sure there is, in fact, given that people seem to love it so much. But, it never really appealed to me. I’ll take a straight-forward board game any day.

Star Trek had a Magic: The Gathering-type card game for a little while…maybe they still do…but that never really appealed to me either. I liked collecting the cards, mind you, they sold them at this store down the street in Ferndale, and I remember I flipped when I got the Picard card…but we tried as kids to play the game and it was boring. Perhaps we weren’t playing it right, I mean I *was* 12 at the time.

One always has to kind of put that qualifier on things once they become older, don’t they? Opinions formed when we were younger so often change when you check the same thing out later in life. With more perspective. Sometimes, though, those younger opinions were spot on.

Got my writing done today, got not-enough of my editing work done today. But, I had to go downtown and get my suit, and tonight, I had other responsibilities to attend to. My suit, jesus…I could get used to have tailored clothes, people. It fit like butter, and it looked pimp-status. I’m very happy. Saved me a bunch of money, too, doing it the way that I did it. Under $200 when it was all said and done, tailored and everything.

I have a lot of errands to run tomorrow, as well. Which I actually need to go and write down right now, so I don’t forget them all. And editing work to do. I very well may end up behind in my editing before I leave Friday for my bachelor party…BUT…there will be time next week before we leave for the Bay to get some catch up done.

Anyway, I’m exhausted. I have been all day, so it’s off to bed for me. I’ll see you guys tomorrow.