Day 297: Dead Battery

Day 297: Dead Battery


Had to get my battery replaced today in my car. Wah-waahhh. Still had the factory battery in there kickin. Apparently, they last about 5 years, although that’s on the shorter side of the “average.” But, still. Not crazy.

It was almost $200, but the battery I have now has a full 5-year replacement warranty on it, so I can’t really complain about that, can I? When my car wouldn’t start, I was very worried that it was something more serious with the electrical system, like the alternator. But, it wasn’t. Just the battery. The easiest thing to replace in a car ever. Even easier than tires or light bulbs. So, I can’t really complain about it too much.

Also found out that while my Roadside Assistance coverage on my insurance is fine for jumps and the like, ie- what I used it for today, it is NOT good coverage should I ever need to be towed. They cover $75 of expenses. That’s it. Bullshit, basically. Tows are, like, $75 a *mile*. So, I talked it over with the Ho, and we are definitely renewing her AAA Premium membership, and we’re putting me back on it and I’ll drop the coverage with my insurance. AAA Premium, while a little expensive once a year, covers your ass for 150 MILES. That’s legit. That’s worth the money, especially when one of your two cars is the trusty ol Pandamobile, a car that we’re literally rolling till the wheels fall off.

So, that put a pretty huge wrench in the middle of my day, and as a result, I didn’t hardly get any editing work done. I did do SOME, so it wasn’t a complete loss, but it was a little disappointing nonetheless.

What I did do was spend a lot of money today. More than I have in probably two years. But, I really needed a new suitcase, one that’s not the massive one that’s my only suitcase. One that I can take on trips that are for a weekend, or like, 4 days. One that can be carried on a plane and doesn’t have to be checked. So, I got one. I also finally got a golf outfit. A real golf shirt, with some shorts and a belt. And, that was actually it. I wanted to get some Toms, but that was not meant to be. I think I may have to order those online. I’ve literally worn through the soles on my current pair, which means I’m walking barefoot…and then what’s the point of having shoes, right?

It always does stress me out a bit to spend money like that, but whatever. This is literally why I have been working so hard all this year, and I can work just as hard for the rest of the year to get my savings back where it should be.

So, yeah, I leave tomorrow with my buds up to the bay for some bachelor party fun. They’ve literally planned everything for me, and seems like they’ve listened to what it was I wanted to do. I feel very fortunate to have responsible, considerate friends like that. They’re really the best, and I can’t wait. It should be a wonderful weekend. I’m expecting that at least one of these daily blogs might have to either be written BEFORE the day is over, or AFTER, like in the morning, because I do know we’re going out at least one of the nights. In any event, there will be a post to account for that day or night, full of all the sordid details. Can’t wait 🙂

Goodnight suckas. May your cars have working batteries!