Day 298: Bachelors Day One

Day 298: Bachelors Day One

I’ll just start this one off by saying that it’s 3 in the AM as I sit down to write this.

The day started at 8am, getting picked up by Joe and Nikolai. We did some Starbucks for breakfast and we hit the road. We really only stopped for In-N-Out and drove straight the rest of the way. Made super fast time, but we literally arrived at the same time as Ryan, who was the main contact for the house that they’d set up to rent for two days.

We’re in Berkley, it’s a super nice area, and a three-bedroom house, so the boys did an amazing job. They really did. We hung out for a bit in the house and settled in, drank a couple beers, and then drove down to Oakland to tailgate for a little white before the A’s game.

The guys got a suite, which was just freaking dope. We had “free” food that came with the suite, and it was a great view. Scott arrived a little later, after having worked today, and then travelled to be here. Phil also came, which was just freaking awesome. I never get to hang out with him, and that was a lot of fun. And, to top it off, the A’s won. It was a great game. Well played.

Then, the guys took me to a bikini bar in downtown San Francisco and got me a lap dance. For reals, tittie bars aren’t really my thing. They never have been. Even if the lap dances don’t involve taking off any clothing, they’re just not really my thing. It’s the second time I’ve ever been to one, but…it’s tradition to do it. I know that. And, we had fun, for sure. We got some drinks at the bar (watered down as fuck, I had three jack and cokes and was almost completely sober), and hung out. A little longer than we wanted because Seth did a freaking 30-minute lap dance upstairs, but we couldn’t use BART to get home anyway since they’d stopped running, so we took an Uber to Mission and got burritos.

By the time we finished with those, it was back to normal fares with Uber, and we could take one of those all the way back to Berkley. Had a really sweet driver, and older gentleman who was retired and doing this for extra cash and too “keep him young.” Then we recommiserated at home, Joe dropped a giant D before I went pee, the bastard, and now here I am.

It was a great day, for reals. They did a great job putting it all together, these guys, and I’m so INCREDIBLY lucky to have them as friends. I can’t wait to check out tomorrow 🙂