Day 300: Bachelors Day Three

Day 300: Bachelors Day Three

The Bachelor Party weekend came to a close today. We were all up around 9:30am, talked in the kitchen of the rental house about the earthquake the night before. I slept through it. For reals. Not even a batted eye. Joe said it definitely woke him up and he was staring at the bunk swaying above him thinking “I might have to move.”

We were all surprised to see the actual magnitude and how much damage it caused up in Napa. Some pretty scary photos of collapsed buildings and fallen masonry. Everyone, of course, is talking about all the wine that’s been destroyed, but there were also a surprising amount of people hurt in the quake, including a few in critical care, so my thoughts to them and their family.

Then, I showered, we gathered up all our things and checked out of the house. Breakfast was close by, and I had a pancake-bacon-egg breakfast at a little cafe that had been recommended either by Dwight, Joe’s friend, or by Yelp. Either way, it was pretty delicious.

And then, it was time to say goodbye. It was (almost) all over, just like that. A day and a half, plus a little bit, really. That was it. Poof. Gone.

I thanked the boys for the best possible Bachelor Party that a guy could ever ask for, and I meant it. They really did an amazing job planning some stuff to do that I really love doing, and getting to watch a game and play golf and eat great food and have a night in the city and all of the above…doing all that with the guys that I’m closest to and love hanging out with the most…that was really something special. I’ll never forget it. I don’t think will either. It was just a great freaking time.

I then drove with Joe and Nikolai over to Liz’s parents to pick up the Coops and her car for the drive back down to LA. That was a tough drive, actually. I was very, very tired, and it made me feel a little melancholy to be alone all of the sudden. So much of this year, and particularly getting married, is just a lot to handle sometimes. And, I definitely don’t mean that in any sort of “bad” way, I just mean that it’s major life changes. A lot of them in the past couple years, and that’s just…a lot. I don’t know how else to say it. They’re all things that have needed to happen, and they finally are, and it’s emotional. Makes you feel vulnerable, you know? Because life is big, and life is changing. And, that just really made me feel melancholy tonight, and while driving. Missing the days when I used to see my brothers all the time, missing Liz, missing the days when I got to hang out with Ryan and Nikolai all the time, or even to see Joe a lot when we were working together. It’s all changed since then, and it’s continuing to change with every second-hand tick of the clock.

I suppose it didn’t help that the A’s got killed today 😛 But, I was having the feels way before then. The game was just a minor let-down. See, guys, if I ever get too dramatic-feeling or -sounding about sports, it’s really just a symptom, and not a cause.

I’d also like to point out that this blog entry is #300. THREE HUNDRED. That’s freaking crazy. It’s going to be a full year in just over two months that I’ve written this thing before bed every night. Without fail. I really thought this weekend might be the first time it took a hit in terms of writing it before sleepy times, just because of the party. But, not even this weekend. The streak is very real, and very alive. And, it’s by far the longest daily thing I’ve ever done besides breathing, eating, drinking something, and taking a dump. Pretty happy about that.

That’s all I have to write for now. My eyes are once again actually drooping almost shut, just like last night, and I need another solid 8-hour sleep. I got it last night, and it will be glorious to get it again tonight. The Coops is up on the bed, curled up next to my feet. Love it.

See you guys tomorrow!