Day 302: Implosion

Day 302: Implosion

Coops is quite attached to me tonight, it would seem. After weeks of sleeping on the floor in one of his two beds (one on Liz’s side and one on mine, of course), he’s right up in between my legs tonight, curled up tight. I think it might have to do today with when he freaked out and thought he was dying for a hot second.

He’d had the zoomies, where he just gets a burst of energy and needs to run around as fast as he can, and he wasn’t watching where he was going and he clocked himself really hard on the door jam running out from the bedroom into the living room. He literally screamed, in the way that dogs do, and hobbled over to me with his front right paw curled up off the floor. After a moment and me calming him down, however, he realized (and I realized) that he was actually totally fine, and he’d been far more scared than actually hurt. It was a relief to both of us. I definitely do NOT need a broken paw vet bill right now.

I finished watching last season’s The Walking Dead finally. I have to say, it was definitely more entertaining than last season, with the Governor and all. Everyone was split up after the midseason finale, and that was cool. They made a few choices *finally* to make several of the characters more likable, and that was a relief to see. You rooted for a few of them this time around. I definitely would have to say that watching the show all at once is far superior than week-to-week. It’s a show that seems to have a freaking helluva time keeping things interesting, and that’s mostly because of seriously inconsistent character development. There have been points where I’ve struggled to like anyone on the show. And, if I don’t care when people live or die, the heart of your show is missing. They brought some of that back. At least when I was able to just tear through the episodes. Not as much time to sit and stew with things, you know?

Today was a bit of an implosion, to be honest. I had goals, and I almost didn’t meet any of them. I got derailed early on by an unexpected errand that took a solid two hours, and then it was just a feeling of being crushed by a mound of apartment and financial stuff to figure out. So, I changed plans, worked through that stuff at least enough to get it out of my mind and the wheels moving. Some of it’s inside my control, much of it isn’t, and I took care of most of what was. Balanced my checkbook, made a ton of phone calls, etc.

Tomorrow has the potential to get derailed, since I know I have to make a trip down to the OC to pick up my wedding band, and I have a showing to do along with an oven repair. BUT…I know those things are coming, and I have a plan as to how to still get all the work done I need to. And, that means a solid, early start to the day tomorrow, which is why this post is *actually* going up before midnight.

I know a good, solid day of work will cure my overwhelmed feelings right now. It’s really what throws me off, every time. When I want to get a certain amount of work done, but I don’t or I’m not able to. Sends me into a tailspin. I hate that. I’m not sure what I can do about it, except keep telling the truth on here when it happens and try to only let it last a day, maybe two.

I will say this as one parting note for today: I still got my writing done, and a page over the minimum, in fact. I also worked out for the first time in two weeks. Going to do both again tomorrow.

Wish me luck for tomorrow. I’ll write on here then, like I always do 😉