Day 318: Home Again, Home Again

Day 318: Home Again, Home Again

Jiggety jig.

We’re back in LA. Drove all the way home today, a trip that the Ho and I have now done countless times. At least 4 – 6 times a year, counting each drive up and down. Multiply that times 10 years…you’ve got yourself quite a few of those drives on the I5.

Our day started fairly early, me getting up to take care of the Coops before heading down the hill into Burlingame to meet up with Liz’s friend Tiffany and her fiancé Damien for breakfast. Breakfast was delicious, and they gave us this painting of our wedding logo, painted by Tiffany herself. It’s legitimately amazing, not just one of those gifts that you smile and pretend is amazing. It’s amazing. It’s likely getting hung in the alcove above our fireplace.

Then, it was in the car where I drove most of the way. I listened to the very tail end of the A’s game, the last inning, in which we lost. It was the first time I’ve done that in almost two weeks, true to my word. Not sure, to be honest, how much listening or watching that I’ll be doing for the rest of the season. Partly because I’m going to be very busy here shortly, but also because they’ve just completely fallen apart as a team. It hasn’t gotten any better, sadly. I had hopes I’d come back to see that they’d figured some things out and returned to the team they CAN be…but nope. It’s only continued to spiral downward. To the point where I don’t actually think they’re going to make the postseason at all. The division race is over, the Angels will win it. The wildcard we still lead, but only by 1 game, and I actually think the Tigers, Royals, and Mariners are all three better than we are, which means that we miss the postseason entirely. We’ll see. But, I’m done holding my breath. Kudos to them if they hold it off. I’ll pay attention again if they make it to the ALCS.

We got home and hit the ground running. Liz had to prepare for two auditions tomorrow, and tape (and then re-tape) a third audition tonight. So, that took up our entire evening when we added in the unpacking, meeting up with the managers who had been watching the building, and going grocery shopping. I’m pooped.

The Ho is currently trying to purchase herself the new iPhone. I’ll get to do the same rigamarole next year when they release the “s” version of this phone. On one hand, it sucks to be on this cycle of upgrade eligibility; I always miss out on whatever the latest model of phone is. BUT…being on the “s” cycle is also cool, because the “s” versions of each iPhone are always much more suped up and feature-laden than the first release of that model. So, that’s pretty cool. I also kinda get to see what the new models are like before getting one myself by toying around with the Ho’s phone.

Anywho, that’s all for tonight. Tomorrow is likely going to be a bit here and there with apartment stuff. We’ll see. Right now, it’s sleepy times. Good night!

Oh, and I miss Maui. Just thought I’d throw that in there.