Day 322: Back on the horse

Day 322: Back on the horse

I almost used that old phrase “back on the wagon”…but it wouldn’t be in reference to alcohol, which would really be a shitty was to use the phrase, considering alcoholism is something quite serious. So, I’m back on the HORSE.

Like a cowboy.

And, by horse, I mean editing work. It’s been a good solid three weeks since I’ve had a full work day, and even this one got hijacked here and there by apartment stuff, and having Abbey over, etc. BUT…I got more than a full day’s worth of work in because of some “easy” lessons and narrations, which I can now bang out in no time flat. So, that was fortunate.

I’m looking forward very much to some time soon when I won’t have to pull days quite as long as I am now. 10 hours of solid work is a lot. It doesn’t leave room for anything else during the day, really, at least not away from the office for longer than half an hour at a time. We have a vacancy in the building which is taking up time, as it always does. But, I’ve definitely gotten better at working around those interruptions and picking up where I left off. It’s always less than ideal, but it doesn’t derail me like it used to.

Hopefully we can just get the unit rented and not have to worry about the distractions. We also have a lot of maintenance stuff going on, etc. etc. The building is keeping me very busy and very distracted, that’s for sure. I look forward very much to the day that we won’t have to manage a building like this. It’s similar to the editing, but a more long-term goal 😛

The Ho and I are catching up, finally, on Agents of Shield. We’ve just reached the point where the movie Captain America: The Winter Soldier came out, which has a bunch of stuff to do with Shield, so I’m interested to see how they handle the cross-over.

I can’t say exactly why it feels good to be clearing out these old shows from earlier in the year, it just does. And we’re going to finish just in time to jump into our other fall shows. I just like TV, I guess. I like being caught up. And, truthfully, I like being caught up with Liz. Watching them together. While I did enjoy watching The Walking Dead on my own while Liz was out in New York, and I’m glad I did since it wasn’t good enough to warrant us watching together (which is why we never did)…watching the shows with the Ho is always more enjoyable. At least when the shows don’t make you want to tear your hair out most of the time. Like The Walking Dead. Somehow, it’s harder to let a show get away with stupid shit when you’re taking your time and watching it with someone else. When you’re by yourself, it’s easier to just sit there and let the shitshow float past.

Anyway, that’s all for tonight. I have much more work to do tomorrow, and I feel like I need to get my headspace right on that. Write a list out of what apartment stuff to do, and then where it can fit into my work day. Wish me luck!

Oh! And read some more of Old Man’s War which has been fun so far 🙂