Day 325: We'll see

Day 325: We’ll see

Another extremely busy day, albeit a much more productive one. I got a full day’s worth of work in today. It felt really good. Plus, a decent amount of apartment stuff as well.

Had an inspection on the building that was pretty quick. Had some maintenance here and there for a couple of things. Have more inspections tomorrow.

I watched some of Voyager while I was working today. I’m into the second half of the second season already, and they’ve had a couple good episodes in a row. Like, three legitimately good episodes in a row. The last one I watched was where they introduced the character of Sudor, which I believe is the only time in all the Trek that we’ve had a serial killer on board a starship. A federation starship, anyway. Sudor is played by a great character actor. Same guy who played Wormtongue in the LOTR trilogy. Great actor. The Voyager episode is “The Meld,” I believe, if you feel so inclined as to look it up. He appears again later in the season, if I remember correctly.

I’m not sure if Voyager will ever hold the place in my heart that TNG and DS9 always have, especially so after my most recent walk down memory lane with DS9, but we’ll see. I’ve never done Voyager all the way through. And, they *do* some good stuff. We’ll see.

We started Boardwalk Empire tonight, and I have to say…I still think that it might be the best-written show on television. Seriously. The season premier episode was like a freaking play, it was so literary. Bookended by this poem about being honest. It’s stark and humorous at the same time. Violent and exciting. And…it’s American. I was talking about this with the Ho tonight (as we were watching, which is never a good idea, talking over the show) — I was thinking about how much the show really is centered around this very American ideal of “work hard enough, and you can have everything you want.” I mean, THAT’S our entry-point with these mobsters, right? They’re working their asses off to build their empire, get their piece. Doing whatever it takes. And that is *everywhere* in this show, and all the realities that come along with that: the desperation, the unfairness, the *dirt*. Literally, dirt. Mud everywhere. And, I guarantee you that the 20s actually WERE that muddy. I grew up in the mud…sorta.

Anyway, I’m sure I’ll have much more to say about this show, which is in its last season. But it was downright literary tonight. I’m excited…but not too excited. Farewells always seem to suck on television. We’ll see.

I think that’s all I got tonight. The Coops and our new addition both passed out. And, I’m tired. I almost fell asleep at my computer when I was in the home stretch work-wise…but I rallied. It was a good day.

Need another good day tomorrow.

We’ll see 🙂