Day 332: Golf Day!

Day 332: Golf Day!

Played some golfity-golf today, as you can view from the video above. It was pretty warm, but there were trees all over the course and I partially got myself a cart so I could seek shade quickly. It totally worked, I didn’t get burned, and I legitimately stayed very cool. As in not too warm. And, also cool as in “hip.” I was wearing my golf outfit, so you know, I was awesome.

The Ho just said my butt looks like I’m about to poop on all the videos of my golf swing. It’s observations like that, guys, that keep me going. She’s watching my playlist of all the Maui videos. Freaking miss that place, let me tell you. She was watching the video of Ryan and I playing golf, that’s where the poo comment came from.

I also finished up the little straggling part of my outlining from yesterday, and I had another good idea. Wrote it down. Not sure how to integrate the idea…but we’ll see. It’s a good idea.

I’m so glad, by the way, that I decided to do the video blogging each day THIS month, out of all of them. With the wedding, maui, my birthday, etc. The Ho and I just had a mini convo about all the memories that watching my compilation on Maui brought up in just a few minutes…which is EXACTLY why I did it. To remember things, and not just in the normal whatever-memories-come-up kind of way. The video and the writing really helps keep it all together and fresh. I highly recommend.

Liz and I also watched the premier of Agents of Shield, which had a genuine tear-jerker moment in it for one of the few characters on the show that’s superbly written and acted. We also watched the Gotham premier, which neither of us is completely sold on. We’ll leave it at that, it’s a pilot. We’ll watch at least three episodes and if I have more to say on the matter, I’m sure I will 😛 It’s gotta be tough, writing a pilot like that with so much to fit into one episode, and soooooo much history. And expectations. We’ll see what happens, won’t we?

That’s it for tonight, y’all. Piece!

Ps- I’m obsessed with tonight’s artwork, which was lifted from the 70s scifi art blog, and the artist is credit as Manchu. It’s dope.