Day 334: Of hijacks and hijinx

Day 334: Of hijacks and hijinx

Today was a weird day. A weird day to fit in with what has been a weird, and a times, frustrating week. I do NOT feel like I’ve had the week off that I really wanted. But, in the end, it was certainly the week off that I needed…which is to say, a week where I could expend the energy I needed to get several things done with this apartment building.

Rented a unit today, hoping to rent another one tomorrow. We’ll see how that goes.

That was the main hijacking of the day. There were a couple other things that took quite a bit of time, including a long heart felt conversation with a good friend of mine, and then watching some of the A’s game. I really shouldn’t do that, watch the games. It always seems like I’m bad karma. Whenever I’m not watching, they seem to do well and score runs and stuff…and then when I turn on to try and see them actually win something, they cough up a loss, or just plain fail to score. Pretty sure it’s all my fault.

Then, Liz and I did some outlining discussion on my pilot, which I’d like to have a draft done tomorrow with. Still some pretty major stuff to figure out, but so far nothing that’s nuclear. Ie- everything needs to be scrapped and redone. I’m going to write that draft tomorrow. It is happening godamnit. My outline IS much tighter than it was with this first draft. The goal tomorrow would be to produce something that’s at least READABLE. Not all these things need to be solved. I think.

We’ll see. Wish me luck.

That’s all for tonight, guys. Tomorrow is the last day of the baseball season. Here’s hoping to the sports gods that my team can WIN their way into the wildcard game, as opposed to getting in on someone else’s loss…or worst yet, need to win a tie-breaker to even play in the wildcard game. All three of those scenarios are possible. Let’s hope the first is the one that happens.

Goodnight, y’all!