Day 335: Steppin Out

Day 335: Steppin Out

Today was finally a more productive day.

I had hopes, people. High, high hopes that I was going to be able to get this next draft of the script done in one fell swoop. I even didn’t watch a major part of the last A’s game of the season so that I could get started on the writing.

And, I DID. I got 10 pages done, in fact. Pages that I’m at least 100% more proud of than their first draft versions. The conflict is probably totally on the nose, but at the very least, it’s THERE. Ready to be fixed, right?

It was, believe it or not, a very positive experience. Sure, I do still feel frustrated with this past week in how much of the writing I actually accomplished compared to how much I WANTED to get done…but. BUT. I did *finally* put some solid work into it.

And the biggest major, major thing is that I don’t feel exhausted any more. Not like I did a week ago when I was sitting down to write this infernal blog. At the very LEAST, and I did accomplish more than the minimum mind you, I feel like I got my head back down to where it needs to be. Tomorrow is gonna kick ass. I worry about Tuesday, given the fact that the A’s will be playing for their lives in a Wild Card game and watching that fucking sport can be my Kryptonite…but EVEN THAT, my dear readers (all one of you…two if I count me) doesn’t daunt me as I sit in bed next to Liz and the two pups. It’s doable, you see. Just set a plan, and execute. Which, is what I’m gonna do godamnit.

I also have a plan to finish this pilot second draft. I can knock out another 10 to 15 pages tomorrow, another 10 to 15 on Tuesday, both along with my editing work, and then Wednesday, the last day of September, I can finish that shit. I CAN DO IT. I WILL DO IT. And, I will finally FINALLY have a second draft of this pilot.

Is it going to be as polished as I had hope? Nope. Not gonna be. I’ve kind of resigned myself to that. Pretty sure there will be some major changes that will still be necessary. But fuck it. The only way to get there is to just crap it out and THEN mold it into marble, right? Right. It will be coherent enough to send for some constructive feedback, of that I *am* optimistic.

I guess I just wish it was tighter. I’ve reached that place with my writing before, a long time ago. That feeling that pieces were really fitting together. I don’t have that yet with this pilot script.

We’ll see how I feel on Wednesday.

Till tomorrow 😉