Day 342: Square One

Day 342: Square One

Sunday. It’s the perfect day to wrap things up and get ready to start over, right?

I got 20 pages written today…NEW pages…starting back over from the beginning. It was, as I think it’s called, the nuclear option. Blowing up the script and doing a page 1 rewrite. The good news? I have some stuff I like, guys. It’s working. And, better than I was afraid it would. In fact, I just read it outloud to the Ho very quickly, and there was some rhythm to it. So many of the sinkholes of either character or logic I’d been getting caught in on the previous two drafts were much less problematic.

It’s a very stripped down version of the my last version, and I’m excited about that. It’s actually much more true to the inspiration. In fact, I even put some actual lines from the source material here and there. It’s stealing, for sure, but that’s okay when it’s the starting point for something new, right? Plus, they’re just lines of dialogue. They can be changed in later drafts.

This is ALSO just a spec at this point. All I need to do is have it be salient enough to show that I have ideas. That I can take other people’s work and contribute to it. Add to it. And, execute.

So yeah…that last part is still left. Execute. While I may be able to draw heavily on my source material for this beginning, I’m ending up in a much different place at least in the specifics, and I have to make it all work. Execute. And, all within 45 to 55 pages.

The Niners won today, and the Angels were swept out of the postseason, so it was a good day for sports. Still hurts my heart that it wasn’t my A’s doing to sweeping, but I’ll take it.

And, tomorrow, it’s back to editing. And, believe it or not, I’m actually at the point where I’m looking forward to that. I know, right? What is WRONG with me? Looking forward to editing work? But, I am. It’s routine, and routine is comfortable. I start my 3-days on, 2-days off routine for the next four weeks, and I’ll have worked myself right back into where I should be financially. It shall be grand old times.

That’s all for tonight, me thinks. We’re all rented now in the building, thank you lord, and I feel back on track with my writing. It was a dark, frustrating few days, and thanks for hanging tough with me. This is why it’s always best to plod away, day after day. Time heals the dramatic feelings of “this is never going to work.” On the other side of that is salvation and inspiration.

Till tomorrow!