Day 343: Here I am again

Day 343: Here I am again

I always say that Sundays are my favorite day, and that’s probs still true, but I am also one of those crazy people that digs Mondays. It’s always the work day that I feel the best about 😛

I feel back on track, and other shit that takes over in my life (read: apartment building work) hasn’t completely derailed my momentum yet. Mondays are good days. I like ’em.

I did NOT hit my quota today for editing work, which yes, means that I’m already behind on day one. It was freaking unavoidable, however. I honestly kept the distractions at a freaking minimum today, it was just all the apartment building stuff I had to deal with in the morning. Robbed almost my entire first block of editing work.

That was planned, however. I knew it going in. So, it didn’t faze me. I got REAL work done. I’ll attempt to catch up tomorrow.

I just got my pages done, too. Novel Phase III starts today. Three pages a day for the next 60 days and I have the first draft of a novel. I *sincerely* hope that it won’t take another 60 days after that to edit it into something readable. Hopefully, it will be closer than that. But, we’ll see. Right now, it just needs to pour itself out onto the page. I should also say I’m 60 days away from hitting around 80,000 words, which is more or less the goal. It’s also possible, that the finished product will need to be more like 100,000 words.

In fact, I just did some math, and I need to make a revision: 4 pages a day. That’s what’s up. It happens tonight. The new daily goal is 4 pages a day.

So, yeah. I might not hit the end of my novel exactly at November 30th…but it will be pretty damn close. And that is gonna feel so freaking good, you guys. So good. I’ll have written a freaking book this year. A book and a pilot script.

I’d had hopes of having TWO pilot scripts written, but alas, the beginning of this year was a roller coaster of epic proportions. This whole YEAR was, wasn’t it? And, hopefully, next year will be another one, with some work in new places.

Right now, all of it, the writing, the editing, everything: I just need to get my rest, and keep my focus.

Tomorrow is just another day, every hour with a 2-minute goal of edited content, and then a sit-down with this here iPad to crank out another 4 pages of Starstuff.

It feels good, just like I knew it would, being back on a routine.

Let’s freaking do this.